The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Washington state primary ballot fraud

Well I just opened my Washington state primary ballot and of the eight people running for three positions, I have never heard of any one of them before.

I try to keep up with current affairs, mostly national, but I do not know who these people are, nor do I know anything about them or have any information that would help me to make anything other than just a (dart in the board) kind of choice.

There are two things that are in the ballot that I find both a concern but not by any mean a surprise however.

First is the, still built in fraud by changing your vote, instruction clause where you, or any one else with access to your ballot, can easily change the ballot with two short strokes of a pen or pencil.

Jay Inslee tells me that we will simply have to trust all of the folks that can gain access to your ballot. Well after seeing what happened to Heidi Munson during the last election, I especially don’t relish what might, or rather probably will, happen in future elections. It is going to take a lot more folks than just me ragging on the rascals to fix this problem.

Second, why is there always another emergency service tax that keeps cropping up? Is everything an emergency with these guys? I always just say no as if there was such an emergency, we would all know about it. Governments have way too much funds now and if they were hard up for money, maybe they would have to leave us alone, maybe even downsize a bit.

On a national note, how do you feel about John Boehner handing over to Obama the next election and allowing him to stay on his purposeful course of bankrupting America by handing him another blank check? Stupid huh?

Now that was ingenious of the Washington Mafia in that they handily orchestrated both the demise of America and the reelection of the alien puppet who is perpetrating it.

Don’t you think that it is time to do a little orchestrating ourselves and simply show the world, that is your neighbor, by the way, who is too busy to listen and learn about the house that is crumbling around him, for what our corrupt politicians are doing and what that is going to really mean to them? Freedom lost is tough to regain.

Education is the key here to saving ourselves and no one else is going to do it for you, especially the government. It is up to you and only you to inform those around you that they are in deep trouble and very soon if they don’t listen up and take some action and that can be as simple as hitting the forward button and passing the information along.

The longer that it takes to educate the masses and get them on the ready, the worse the situation will become and the harder it will be to overcome it. But overcome it we must, and for those who are still in denial, I am most astonished and totally bewildered.

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