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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Failure of Leadership

Failure of Leadership

Unless the American public rises to the occasion and fires nearly every member of Congress and replaces the present administration this next election and beyond, we will be left with basically only one avenue to regain our freedom, and should we come down to that, it will be dark and dangerous times indeed.

Just when you think that you have seen it all and witnessed just how low Congress could stoop with the so called “Health Care Plan” fiasco, here it comes again, the “Debt Crises” bill. One would think that the public, after seeing the first movie, would know what the sequel would look like. It is interesting to note that after Obama got his ceiling raised, the stock market is on the skids, wasn’t this supposed to stop this from happening?

We though that the passing of the Obamacare fiasco was about as bad as it could get and we would be busy just trying to undo that monstrosity before it could undo us. And bam it happens again with the passing of the so called “debt ceiling limit” bill.

Folks we have been bamboozled again except this time they did not sneak it in the middle of the night disguised as something else, no this time they just simply ignored the entire nation and passed it anyway under the pretense that we got a good deal.

The did it by claiming that it would protect, or save, us from getting a bad credit rating as a nation and that would have cost us all oodles of higher interest rates and all kinds of other boogie man stuff. And the really sad thing is that once again, we don’t actually know what is included in the bill yet and it has been signed into law.

Boy what saps we are, we elect a racist foreign alien with a deep hatred for America as our president, allow him to destroy our economy, strip us of our freedoms and then fall for his latest plan to raise the debt ceiling in order that he might fix the problem that he helped create in the first place. Just how dumb are we?

The truth is, Obama, Bush and Clinton has already wreaked havoc and destroyed our credit rating and the dead line was just a guise to quickly get the dastardly deed done before the public really got a good look at what fraud looks like.

John Boehner comes off as a hard working Congressman who tried hard to come up with a good compromise but it is purely bull droppings as he has done us in for this round and set back real progress in getting our country back on fiscal track again.

The bad thing about compromising is that it always leaves you compromised.

All Boehner had to do was to listen to the people and come up with  simple but prudent plan to cut spending reduce the debt limit and ensure no tax increases and then just sit on his hands and let Obama’s bluff play out and show him up for fraud that he really is.

This horrific bill will ensure that Obama will have the funds he needs to fund Obamacare, keep up the ongoing assault of our 1st and 2nd amendment rights as he works to disarm the citizens and destroy our ability to communicate freely with the internet, to purchase even more votes using our money and tamper with the upcoming election process.

The horrific bill also allows Obama to continue his objective of spending America into oblivion and trashing our economy even more and that is one of his main objectives.

Boehner has just handed over the very weapons needed by the enemy to conquer us.

Also please take good notice of the candidate that as quite as a church mouse all during this fracas and who the Republican Party is backing, namely one Mitt Romney. Romney apparently does not want to taint his chances by getting close to any side of this radioactive bomb nor get any Obama mud smeared on him.

I have always considered Mitt Romney as the political professional politician and this has confirmed my suspicions even more as he is obviously a part of the Washington Mafia.

During the upcoming elections we will need to focus on not only ousting folks like Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi and a host of other radicals who call the Tea Party terrorist and racists, but we will have to also keenly scrutinize folks like John Boehner Mitt Romney, McCain and others who have sold us out or will probably sell us out.

Our task is going to be momentous, to say the least, and we are going to have to pay special attention as to how we pick our candidates and soon as the primaries are going to shaping up. As you can see we not only have to defeat the Obama crew and a host of Congressional Rhinos that we know are selling us out, we are going to have to ensure that we don’t fall for some slick talking Rhino who sounds good at the pulpit but is a member of the Washington Mafia.

The reason that the task will be staggering is that the Washington Mafia controls most of Congress, controls most of the media and I’m thinking even Fox News as well, owns the puppets in the White House, owns our central banking system and has no scruples and no love for individual freedom. They have only two loves; Money and Power. The world is not enough to paraphrase the title of a James Bond movie.

With the exception of a very few members of Congress, we will have to rely on our gut feeling for the next leaders to come forward and save our ass. We have a number of groups of citizens who are not only concerned with our future and safety but are becoming the angry mob.

These various groups are what the entrenched politicians fear most and it is called the Tea Party. Yes there is a Tea Party in name group but there are also many other groups of folks who are more specific in nature such as the various clubs and groups who are fighting to retain our 2nd amendment rights and all of these groups are in support of the Tea Party. No wonder the left are calling the Tea Party every name in the book, they are terrified of losing their socialistic control and maybe even facing some jail time as well.

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