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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Ron Paul Record

The Ron Paul Record

Thanks to the awakening of America, the establishment is getting worried and is cranking up the bankster owned media to a new frenzy to discredit anyone seen as a threat to their corrupt Washington Mafia club house.

When it really comes down to it, there are numerous reasons to elect Ron Paul, in fact far more reasons than could be listed here and there are about as many reasons to not elect some of those who are running against him and for the very same reasons.

It is this endless list of reasons that are good for America and good for Americans that have the establishment hucksters quaking in their boots. It is also why that these same corrupt hucksters will use the one and only thing that they can find in Ron’s sterling record of 35 years, as a rare but an honest member of Congress, against him, that is his desire to get us out of the war business. And war is very big business indeed.

Ron Paul has been criticized as an isolationist because of his belief that America needs to quite having war after war after war and he is right, it is bankrupting America while at the same time making some fat cats ridiculously rich.

To give an example, the number of foreign military basis has increased from 737 in 2002 to around 900 at present, according to information taken from sources such as and Judge Napolitano of Freedom Watch. We may need some strategic troops around the world but given the number of basis, there surely is room for some savings here.

Given the chance, Ron Paul will surely clarify his position on foreign affairs and reassure the nervous Nellie’s that he won’t turn his back on our allies or let some towel head blow up the Washington monument or the White House privy.

Besides the wasteful business of war, the main things that are killing the US economy is the ridiculous size of government and its expenditures, fraud and waste, but mostly of all, it is the business killing red tape of a run away government. A bloated and interfering government prevents those that would like to conduct business and operate in such a way that would allow them to flourish and go on to create jobs.

Rick Perry, the self acclaimed job creator, appears to be trying hard to steal some of Ron Paul’s thunder with his attack on the FED but when comparing track records, it is a far different story. Perry’s past is filled with folly and misdirection making him just another opportunist of the moment, whereas Ron Paul has an unwavering record of fighting for freedom and restoring the constitution to limit government.

It is also very interesting that the Wall Street Journal would side with Perry’s remarks about Bernanke but remains ominously silent about Ron Paul’s ongoing campaign to audit and repeal the FED. Rick Perry makes for a handsome swash buckling image but in reality is one who wears the uniform with flourish and flair but has refrained from even sharpening his parade sword. Again Ron Paul is the real deal and Perry is but a poor imitation bearing little but a great smile.

Another wall flower, with a great smile, who almost stands out from the crowd is Mitt (missing in action) Romney who is another favorite shill of the establishment. I get the impression that for Mitt to use the F word (F stands for freedom) is akin to eating steamed broccoli. However like Rick, Mitt might garner votes just because of his hair.

Watching the debate, I took notice that although all candidates did manage to squeeze in the F word during the final remarks, most of them never even got close to the sticky subject during the course of the evening. Ron Paul however is, by his very nature, always about freedom and is not afraid to talk about it and his every action reflects that as well.

Why is it you ask, that I do emphasize on the candidate’s ability to deal with freedom? The answer is simple Government has proven that none of the economic theories put forth by socialistic ideals will work; especially in a free market, but they still stick to the Keynesian school of government knows best theory.

Government intrusion is the greatest drag on our economy and every year it heaps more and more rules and regulations on small and micro businesses that either drive them out of business or makes it nearly impossible to flourish. What it takes to create jobs is an environment that allows business to make profits and flourish. It is as simple as that.

So when you have someone running around proclaiming to be the great job creator but you know deep down that he is supported by the establishment, you know that he is a fraud. These self proclaimed job creators will say or do anything to get elected but the Mafia head is his boss and jobs are tossed aside because giving the people back their freedoms would mean to relinquish their hold on power and that is not going to happen if they have any say in the matter.

In a way, America is already a dictatorship and we bend to the wishes of the same folks who created and own the Federal Reserve, who bought out total control and run the main stream media, control most of Hollywood and in part controls a good share of the free, or not so free, free world.

Morgan, Chase, Rockefeller are the American counterparts to the international banking scheme and are the American part of the Washington Mafia rascals.

Voter fraud is becoming an ever increasing part of the American scheme and it will take a land slide type of election to gain control over Washington again. Especially if someone like Ron Paul who is a direct threat to the system gets the nomination.

Our mission is clear, educate yourself so that we don’t fall for just another establishment shill and then get out and campaign for the one who can save your butt and then get out and vote in mass numbers and show the establishment what a voter tsunami looks like.

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