The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, July 17, 2009

Rescind a law and save a dollar

Dear Senator Murray,

Thank you for your quick reply and support regarding the amendments concerning the Homeland security and the switchblade law. This will give us all a bit of breathing space and make it a little easier for many of us to stay in business.

However, I read this amendment and was very frustrated by the fact that the language was very vague and obscure. The language used in this amendment will actually guarantee that judges and lawyers will have much to argue over for years to come. In fact I can see really little improvement or difference from the original antiquated 1958 switchblade law.

What this law does not provide for is the creativity and ingenuity of the American people. In fact it could very well hinder the creation of a knife that is actually much safer, stronger and better than any thing in current use, such as the knife that I have spent the past three years in developing. I am sure that if my knife sees the light of day it will encourage others to improve upon it even further and provide the consumer more good benefits yet. No law should be able to restrict this kind of good progress unless it can be proven beyond any doubt to be so harmful as to endanger us all.

What should have been done and still needs to be done is to simply rescind this antiquated law because of the needless grief caused by it to so many innocent citizens and the enormous waste of tax dollars spent enforcing it.

Sure, we can all see why the law enforcing community likes to have a plenteous basket of laws to work with in order to have something at hand to remove a hoodlum from the streets, but this law has no real basis and shame on lawmakers who make knee jerk laws based on Hollywood movies. Rescind a law and save a dollar.

Lyle Brunckhorst

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