The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Obamalization of Obamacare:

If the Obamanationalists want to Obamanationalize heath care, they only need to look as far as the Veterans Administration to see just how bad of an idea this will turn out to be.

The Veterans administration has been sadly run and under funded and is a hot bed of graft. As far as our vets go, it is a crap shoot whether or not they will get the medical help that they so justly deserve. Most of the money that the Veterans Administration receives is wasted in the mountain of red tape and paperwork. Veterans are either welcomed or rejected based on how many beds are available or how many dollars are left in the coffers. Some veterans have even been told that their service records were destroyed in a fire and that their is nothing that they can do for them.

Maybe the Obamanites should be doing their experimenting on this little government dept before they commit the whole nation to the same bad plan and take us all down to the same hell hole. Perhaps we should just let our veterans vote on this one.

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