The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Letter to my friends and readers

Hi Tom,

This years 4th of July has been a very somber one for many of us because of the great coup and the usurpation of our freedom by the present administration and the creation of the Homeland security of the past administration.

Never before has this nation been threatened more than it is today because the "Great Messiah" has ordered all government departments to pull out all the stops and enact as many rules/laws as they can, no matter how bad, whether it is by legislation of a lopsided congress or the more back door method of simply using the federal register to sneak it past the citizens of this country.

Oboma has himself said that he will sign into law a bill on health care no matter how bad it is. I have never seen such an all out rush to grab our liberty and rights as is going on now, if we lose our constitution and bill of rights we will have lost it all.

Oboma swore to uphold the constitution, not tear it apart. Some one will get rich someday by writing a book called "The Great American Coup" or how to use the system to destroy the system.

If "Oboma the Great Obomanation" has his way, he will completely shut down my business. All the hard work that I have put into the new Xross Bar Lock folding knife,over these past three years, will be for nothing and I will have nothing left to do but to live in the streets.

Perhaps you did the smart thing when you settled on a foreign soil, you don't have to lay awake at night and wonder what is going to happen to you next.

As usual, most of our good friends at the old hangout have their heads stuck in the sand box (read as any ball game that takes no thought or effort and gives them comfort while ignoring the crisis that is about to befall them). Makes me wonder what side they will land on once the fence that they are sitting on gets blown out from under them.

As for the 4th, I spent it writing a page, "The Great Frustration" in my blog with tears in my eyes. My friend, I fear greatly that the beloved country that we grew up in and came to love so dearly is at and end.

I did not wish any one a happy 4th this year, I instead wished them all a very solemn 4th. and a safe journey.


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