The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obamabate Obamacare

This debate over health care could run on endlessly and most certainly will for some time to come. We have those that would want it because they cannot afford the insurance on their own. We have those like me that knows that a government run anything is a bad idea and for many good reasons.

Voting in Obamacare would be a disaster that our nation cannot afford and would spell the complete end of freedom for the American public and yet voting it down will also insure that the health care industry will remain as out of control and as unaffordable as it has been for some time.

Perhaps it is now time to take a look at how we got to this insane point in the first place and look for the path back to sanity. I have been a sad witness to a lifetime of amazement and frustration at how the legislation system works and worse at just how inattentive and negligent the American citizen has been about it all. Over the years any attempts by me or a damn few others to bring to attention to the people of how much of their freedom was slipping away was merely met by bewildered and contemptuous looks.

Well the time has come and we have no one to blame except our complacent selves and I wonder just how much longer will the masses remain complacent about their freedom, remain complacent about their future and remain demanding of the government to provide for them.

To find the problems with health care, we need only to look at the myriad of laws passed over the years (and of course all were passed with your well being in mind, wink, wink). This tangle of law, red tape, rules and regulations is so staggering and complex as to surpass our tax codes.

I never ceases to amaze me that so many citizens actually believes that all of these laws were passed for the citizens well being and that their elected politicians are looking out for them. I dare think that no one in the know would disagree with me however if I suggested that wealth is created by legislation and that is why all corporation hire lobbyists to sway lawmakers to vote on the bills that are introduced and written by the corporation.

As long as we continue to allow Congress to conduct business in this manner, things will only keep getting worse and as you can see, we have already thrown the baby out with the bath water.

I will also make further comment on this horrendous bill by saying this; this bill was mostly intended to avert your attention from the myriad of treacherous, devious and perhaps treasonous tasks that Obama has set silently forth in motion. Obama is running full tilt and he is well organized in his efforts to enact his full powers and control over private and government organizations too numerous to comprehend. By the time that you hear the Obamanites use the term APALLO It will probably be too late and APALLO will have already eaten you.

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