The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, July 3, 2009

Declaration 2

It would seem that the proliferation of the nation's tea party movement would be a strong indication that the people of this country would like to make a Second Declaration of their intention of preserving their freedom. Only this time it is not aimed at a foreign power it is aimed directly at those who have, by dubious means, seized the powers of this nation.

The question is, just how far will the entrenched or the self anointed go to hold on to their usurped powers. Will the entrenched try to rally those who are expecting government handouts or to enrich their lives through special entitlements and government giveaway programs. Will the BATF soon march from door to door seizing our weapons, cash and food in the name of preserving the peace and protecting us from ourselves?

Until we stop quibbling with each other and start pulling together as a nation and begin to dig the smelly rats out of their holes and expose them for what they really are, we will continue to slide down the slope to our demise.

We need to free our press from the tyranny of censorship and the tentacles of spin doctors so that we can once again view our world in the true light of day.

We need to once again become self reliant, confident in our leaders ability to protect our freedom and the constitution.

We need to stop the indoctrination of our children through our schools and the insidious political Hollywood cartoons and sitcoms. We need instead to teach our children to be strong, self reliant and vigilant against those that would again tear down the foundation of their freedom. We must teach them to live free or die protecting it. We need to prepare. We need to change washington back to what it once was and can be again.

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