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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ron Paul a Real American and True Statesman

Ron Paul a Real American and True Statesman

Every day we are beset with volumes of misleading and rancor rhetoric about who can or can not win the 2012 presidential election and with most, if not all of it, coming from the “bankster” owned media, it is of no surprise then that they are trying to sell us on the hand picked rhinos from the Washington Mafia.

It is difficult enough for even those of us that do take the time to try and dig to the bottom of the rhetorical garbage, to sift out the facts from hype and seek out the real candidates from those that would serve their Mafia masters, the “International Banksters”.

The problem certainly lies mainly with the media and it is a mighty force to reckon with because most Americans still glue themselves to the filtered and spun propaganda that comes to us from the men behind the curtains that control the so called news.

The problem has become so blatant, from the Mafia type media that we can almost rely totally on what they propose and say and take that as an exact barometer of which is the exact opposite of reality.

For instance, the media is generally known by the average citizen to be heavily left slanted, yet they are telling us what GOP candidate is better suited to defeat Obama or other Democratic candidates.

It is no accident that they ignore such candidates as Ron Paul, Michele Backmann and even Herman Cain is dismissed as a flash in the pan although he is steadily and quickly gaining more and more support.

I like Herman Cain because he tells it like he sees it and he can stand his ground. However I do not like the idea of having both an income tax and a national sales tax as this will lead to disaster as soon as the left should regain control again.

I like Michele Backmann because she is not only smart but is actually advocating freedom and following the Constitution.

Although the Washington Mafia supports the likes of Mitt Romney, Rich Perry and even Chris Christy through their controlled media, they fear Ron Paul, Michele Backmann and Herman Cain because these folks are out of their control and could very well upset their felonious ring of operations.

The more that one digs into who Ron Paul is and what he is about, the more that you realize why he is feared so much by the crooked crowd in Washington and why he is probably the best candidate that America has going for 2012.

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