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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A message to the “Occupy Wall Street Protesters”

A message to the “Occupy Wall Street Protesters”

If I or the government or anyone else could somehow hand these protesters life on a silver platter, should we?

The answer is a resounding hell no. If we could, which we can not, but we did anyway, it would be meaningless and the recipients would still be stuck in their misery and demanding yet more handouts and entitlements. Appreciation comes from earning things through hard work.

As Confucius, or Moses or Jesus or someone, or maybe even all of the above, once said,

“To give a man a fish is to feed him for a day. To teach a man to fish is to feed him for a life time”.

You can replace “fish” with many other words and get to the same meaning.

Some of the concerns heard from these protesters are valid issues and it is wrong for Fox News to simply ridicule them all as a group of idiots, which some apparently are.

The problem lies in the fact that reporters that are trying to interview some of these protesters are screamed at by folks who apparently have no clue why they are there or have no ability to articulate their concerns.

Others that do voice concerns that are real and valid issues, direct their tyrannical rage at the wrong source and blame the very folks that could and can be their only salvation, namely the corporations.

I have always advocated that the corporations are not the only villains in the works and that it takes two or more to make a party.

Obama was the first to coin, or at least phrase the term first in public, “Private/Government Partnership” or “Corporate/Government Partnership”.

These misguided fools that are camped out on Wall Street and other places, are placing their hopes on the very same problem that created their plight in the first place, the government.

It is true that corporations can wreak terror if left alone to their own devious methods without at least some small constraint. However when the government allows or even condones the corporations to make laws that impinge on our freedoms and pocket books, that is another matter of grave concern and thereby lies the true problems at hand.

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