The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reviving The Economy

The economy will come roaring back to life.

WE need to revisit an overlooked but all important concept of reviving the economy.

Politicians have a bad habit of saying anything that sounds good to make it look as though they have your interests at heart. They will use key words and phrases that they know are on the voter’s minds and strike stately like poses to show off how presidential they look in their three piece suit and perfect hair cuts.

Somewhere between “build a border fence” “I will pass the E verify” (another name for national ID card) and “I have a track record of building jobs” the whole point gets lost in a tangled mess of political hysteria, bullshit and lies.

As I have stated before the two leading buffoons, Mittiaso and Rickiaso, bring nothing to the table but well polished bullshit and the same old tired rhetoric that voters have been listening to for generations. Blah, blat, puke.

Those that have been paying attention will note that it is the astronomical amount of laws, rules, red tape and plain stupid governmental meddling that has killed the economy.

Why is it then that the only candidates that know this truth and have been trying to tell us this all along are the only ones that are ignored and even worse scorned as losers that have no chance of beating Obama.

America has much more than just an economic problem, it has a problem with a government that has turned against its own citizens and has become the very tyranny that our forefathers were wise enough to warn us about. Too damn bad we didn’t listen.

Our country has a serious problem, however, the solution is an easy one to grasp and understand, regain our freedoms again and the economy will come roaring back to life.

Should the American people fail to grasp the dire situation in time however, terrible things will befall its citizens and the unthinkable will come to pass in America as it has in Russia, China, Poland, Cambodia, Philippines and a number of other countries.

The very things that we shudder about, when we do hear of them but quickly dismiss as impossible in America, will become the norm and the very worst of the atrocities that cost millions of citizens their lives could become a stark and horrific reality.

Soon after the new powers of government seized all firearms in these communist countries, the cleansing of some 65 million dissenters, writers, scholars, members of the media and all other factions that are considered as unnecessary or detrimental to the regime began.

The choice is ours if we have what it takes to take back our freedom.

What will be harder to endure, fighting to regain our freedom or huddling in fear every time you hear the Homeland Security trucks coming down the road?

Can you see your self having fun at Camp FEMA?

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