The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Patriots versus rhinos

Patriots Versus the Rhinos.

If things should go as bad as to allow Obama to get reelected, the American and World economies will collapse as if they were dragged into a black hole.

If Obama is removed from the White House, the economy may start to heal and the speed and breadth will depend on how effective the Congress is at repealing old and cumbersome laws.

If Obama is replaced with a true conservative, not a rhino or wolf in sheep’s clothing, the economy will undoubtedly make a steady and accelerated recovery, as we repair the damage, and we will again become a nation of power and wealth.

If we are unlucky enough to wind up with a bankster handpicked rhino, the recovery will be anemic and uncertain and any gains will be somewhat dependant on how convincing the puppet is that he is taking care of business.

However the gains, if any, will be short term.

True and long term gains in employment and the economy will only happen, if we can get the people to vote in large enough numbers to overcome voter fraud to elect a true patriot.

Elect a person who has the people’s interest in mind and not the interests of the international banksters.

Finding the right candidates is easy, simply look for the ones that the mainstream media tries to ignore, ridicule or claim to not have any chance to get elected. 

Use the exact reverse of this to find the rhinos.

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