The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Monday, October 17, 2011

Guns, Freedom and Presidential Candidates

There are only three presidential candidates that have let us know how they stand behind the second amendment.

We all know that once our guns are gone, we are all toast and we will become subjects instead of citizens or even worse, we will be rounded up for the FEMA camps.

I guess that it is a great coincidence, or maybe a no brainer, that I have already indicated that there are three candidates that I would consider for president and these are the same folks that have gotten on record of siding with the second amendment.

I don't think that I have to remind most folks that over 65 million people were rounded up and executed within a few short years of losing their rights to own guns.

Perhaps you can't see Mitt Romney or Rich Perry issuing orders to round up citizens and neither can I, but I do not want either of them to pave the way and make it easy for the next degenerate despot, that might somehow get elected, to do just that.

Germany, Russia, China and several other countries convinced folks by deception or by force to give up their guns before the mayhem started. Lets not let that happen to us here in America.

All you have to do is take a good hard look at what is happening right now in America and you will have to admit that we are in great peril.

The freedom in America has over the past 70 years or more been steadily declining and we are now heading at high speed for the final assault on our beloved freedom. The saddest part is that we have allowed our government and our schools along with the faction in Hollywood to literally brainwash our children and convincing them that freedom is not good for the common good of the nation and that we need even more government to care for our needs.

I have a great fear and dread that we will not be able to wake up enough of the misguided folks to save our selves from the tyranny and atrocities that are about to befall us.

Watching the "Occupy Wall Street" thing proves to me that various sinister factions are at work and are well funded and determined to bring America to its knees. Yes some of these demonstrators have valid points but their anger and energy is channeled in the wrong direction. What really is an insult is that someone has compared this organized and largely paid for event to the real and concerned American patriots, by calling it the tea party of the left.

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