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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Don’t be all that surprised if Obama wins in 2012

Don’t be all that surprised if Obama wins in 2012

As bad as the economy is, as treasonous as Obama appears to be, the fact that Obama may not even be a citizen and that many Americans think that he is either inept or deliberately trying to destroy America, he may still wind up being reelected.

First off is the fact the no matter what Obama does, he still has a following that will go to any means to end capitalism and convert America to socialism or maybe even full blown communism.

Second many Americans have no idea of the perils that are hanging over their heads and believe that nothing bad will ever happen in America.

Third many of the folks that are unhappy with things in America blame the wrong folks that are responsible for the sad situation that we are in.

Fourth the few, but steadily growing number of folks that do understand the problem can’t stop quibbling over details that are not paramount to the situation or are letting the media sway them into thinking that they will have to pick someone who is more mainstream and more likely to be elected.

Fifth is the fact that the media is owned by the same folks that don’t really care if someone like Romney beats Obama or not because either will allow business as usual.

However they do care whether or not Obama gets beat out by someone like Ron Paul who would try to stop the “business as usual” and put America back on the road to freedom or Herman Cain who would actually make the rich pay their fair share of taxes by eliminating the tax codes that they installed for their own benefit.

Sixth Obama is the organizer and he has already told us how he plans to upset the election by using Acorn, now under different names, to run the ballot boxes and of course don’t forget the free amnesty for a vote trade off.

No time is running short and we are still tuning into the latest “Romney versus Perry” soap box as if either of these two bozos are going to make any kind of difference on anything. If either of these two clowns gets the nod, we may just as well reelect Obozo himself; at least we know what to expect form him now that he is constantly stabbing us in the neck and that Congress is tied up over him.

Maybe it is time to get the clowns off of the stage and start letting the real men of honor duke it out for the chance to bust Omama’s chops. Why don’t we try for freedom and real economic growth instead of business as usual?

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