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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CNN Presidential Debate

CNN Debate

Anderson Cooper was right in step with business as usual during the presidential debate and after an hour of watching the embarrassing display of childish bickering between Romney and Perry, he claimed them as still being the top runners with Cain following close behind.

In actuality these two clowns were the only two that did not bother to answer the questions asked but also they did not offer any new or useful or even remotely relevant thing to the information that voters need to make a sound decision.

Almost everyone attacked Herman Cain’s 9, 9, 9 plan and Herman lost some ground when he insisted that folks go to his web site and add up the figures for themselves. I think he should have been a little better prepared to explain his plan in more detail.

Most folks have the same fear as I do about giving Congress that many taxes to increase in the future and the idea of making all businesses deal with tax collection makes me shudder at the prospect of it.

Michele Backmann was very aggressive and demanded more attention by challenging the two clowns as well as others but fell short on giving a clear account of how she would go about accomplishing her claims to create jobs. She needs a clearer message.

Newt Gingrich came off as the most intelligent candidate in the debate and even backed up Herman’s 9,9,9 plan but was given very little chance to show off his intellect and grasp of things. However, with that said, I have no idea of what Newt’s plan would be.

As usual Ron Paul had the best and simplest message of all and his plan is rather clear but his talking style does not give him the proper stately confident leadership quality that people like to see in a candidate and that is too bad. And as usual he is given the least amount of opportunities to make his points.

Rick Santorum seems to me to be a far better candidate than that of the two before mentioned bickering clowns.

It is utterly and woefully sad that these two candidates have the most money at their disposal and they are the two that should be given the boot so that we could get down to discovering which of the other candidates, that we really want in the Oval Office, are.

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