The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, October 21, 2011

The freedom to Create Our Own Damn Jobs.

The freedom to Create Our Own Damn Jobs.

When Stuart Rothenberg got on Fox News and proclaimed that the only GOP candidate that had a chance to get nominated was Mitt Romney, I got the impression that he was just another Mafia owned media pundit plugging for anyone in the good old boys club.

When I see this kind of shenanigan or deceptive rhetoric, I am both angered by their idiotic clinging to an ideology that will spell the death of freedom and also heartened by the fact that the sinister forces at work are terrified of a candidate with some real substance and integrity.

Obviously Stuart has some intelligence to have gotten to where he is but you have to wonder whether or not he actually believes in his own dribble and thinks he is doing America a service, or is he simply bought and paid for by the same bunch who owns the mainstream media.

A good many Americans now are awake and know that this nation is in very serious trouble and about to enter some very perilous times and you would think that someone who makes a living by writing about politics would be aware of that also.

If a good portion of Americans keep listening to the Stuart Rothenberg types and accept his dribble as fact that the best, for the nation, candidates can not win or that only a “Washington insider” can get elected, this nation will continue to stagnate and we will slip into another great depression. Not that we aren’t feeling it now but far worse.

Most of us are aware that what is killing the economy is the very same and identical thing that is killing our freedom; far too many unnecessary laws, government rules, government departments gone rogue, regulations and Marxist type policies that have placed our businesses and our economy in chains.

It would be insane that we would support a candidate that says he would repeal Obamacare but yet he still supports its sister Romnycare. It just doesn’t add up.

It is also insane that we would support a candidate that has stated that he will create “E verify” (read that as another name for Federal ID Card). Sorry but no thanks slick.

Is this a man who would be repealing the very red tape that is grinding our economy to a stand still or will he simply go on supporting more and more debilitating red tape?

Please tell all of the Stuart Rothenberg types to start supporting those that will restore what this nation needs; the freedom to create our own damn jobs.

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