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Sunday, August 30, 2009

When Peaceful Measures fail

When Peaceful Measures fail

How many times do the present administration and the leftist zombies need to see the masses marching in protest, voicing their angry opinions at town hall meetings? And how many E mails and letters do the masses have to write in order to get the attention of those who would otherwise allow our country go down the drain because of someone’s misplaced ideology?

Most politicians would probably fit the description “when he ain’t kissing babies, he is steeling their lollipops” and like most politicians, Obamason went way over the top when he told a willing and gullible nation that everyone is going to get free candy from now on for voting for him. In fact old Uncle Sam is so rich that he will care for you from cradle to grave unless of course you are one of those rich folks who need to divvy up your booty.

He isn’t the first to promise things that he knows he will not and can not possibly keep but he is the first to organize an army of thugs that have perpetrated nearly or every illegal endeavor to illegally elect a president that refuses to even produce proof of his US citizenship.

Now that he is in office, he is propelling himself at full speed to enact as many laws that he can that will give him supreme power in case of an emergency and at the same time he is running at full speed to indeed produce the very emergencies that he needs to implement marshal law which we will never recover from.

The Obamason is coming at you in all directions at once and, as I mentioned before, full speed and damn the torpedoes. So many directions that it boggles the mind and overruns any one man or group to keep abreast. This folks was planed out for some years and implemented under our very noses. My biggest question to date; where in the hell was the media if not in fact in bed with the very rascals that are working at light speed to destroy our way of life. The media would benefit themselves and our country and all of its citizens if it were to study history and find out what always happens to the “free”, if it is, press whenever a coup takes place.

Speaking of free press or free speech, take a gander at what the government is trying to do with our first amendment rights. When you hear the government use a term such as “fairness” you know that it is an oxymoron and it wants to shut up folks on radio that are not in lock step with the administrations wishes.

We all need to make a tribute to folks such as Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston and the tens of thousands of hardworking, trustworthy and honest folks who support our second amendment rights to own firearms and bear arms in case that government does go berserk, whacko and out of control. Just where we would be now, with this administration, if we had allowed our second amendment to be taken away with the myriad of attempts, most of which were backdoor sneak attacks, by the misguided left. Once again thanks to the NRA.

It is only fair to say that the first amendment would be long gone now if not for the second and once it is gone, the rest of our amendments will be soon to follow leaving the man in the chair complete power over us all.

This quick look at what is now coming into play makes the whole argument over health care seem quite mundane does it not? Although it seems so inconsequential, the passing of his health care bill of over 1,000 pages it will give the messiah a much faster way to gain complete dominance. I wonder what kind of salute they are teaching our children in AmeriCorps these days.

We have arrived at a great conundrum; the folks in power choose to not listen to the ever growing forces showing up at town hall meetings, marching in parades, writing their congressmen or any other means they think that they can to be heard. In fact the politicians have done a very good job at insulating themselves from their constituents and have turned a cold and callous blind eye to every attempt to reach them about important issues. The powers at hand are hell bent to achieve their devious goals before the once complacent mob has a chance to form a strategy to stop the usurpation of our constitution.

When the people of a once proud and free nation can no longer reach or reason with a government gone mad and the imposters in office has thumbed their noses at the very folks that have elected them, then what is the remaining course of action?

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