The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Does Obamacare?

Now if our dearly elected president really wanted to fix health care, I would be all over it and give him my full support as it surely does need to be fixed. But is it not insane that the American public cannot get our government to simply fix things by going back to the origin of the problem and either repair the damage (loop holes) or remove the law that is causing the problem in the first place. Oh wait I forgot, if we remove all of the loop holes, how would the special interest groups survive on a level playing field. What am I thinking?

I think that it is becoming obvious that Obama doesn't care if the health care plan works or doesn't work. It is not health care that Obama is after, he has other reasons to want this plan passed into law. Here are only two of the many sinister reasons, uncovered in this bill so far, that Obama needs in his war chest and why he wants this plan passed.

Page 58: Every person will be issued a National ID Healthcard.

Page 59: The federal government will have direct, real-time access to all individual bank accounts for electronic funds transfer.

This is only two of the many sinister items from reading only the first half of the bill; I have not seen any thing from the second half.

Now add to this and the myriad of other unexplainable things that he is doing at a frantic pace, the fact that the president has executive power to call for emergency measures should the country come under turmoil from sources from within or outside of the country or a financial crisis, it becomes more clear and scary just what his intentions are really about. Now we may have our answer as to why he is spending our cash so wildly without any forethought of consequence. Would it be that he is trying to create the very crisis that he needs?

Gentlemen and ladies, if we buy into this insanity and allow this mad man to sell us this rotten barrel of lies, deceit, and thievery, we will never again have to worry our tortured minds about politics or any other thing except how to stay simply alive in a country now foreign to our very way of life.

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