The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Watch dogs needed

Glen is now seeking folks who would participate in his watch dog program and because of the immensity of what is happening, to focus on what you are most interested in and report any new and need to know items to him.

Folks we have got to get involved and report any and all graft, hanky panky, fraud and usurpation by government officials.

We can win back our country if we all get involved and start making noise. It worked with the underhanded attempt by the Homeland security to remove our freedom to carry a folding knife and it can work with the issues of run away government and health care etc etc etc.

Go to and get involved now, today, this very minute, time is running out and your freedom is at stake.

Vote for anyone, and I mean anyone except a Republican or a Democrat. This will remove the strangle hold that the established wizard behind the curtain has on our country.

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