The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, August 7, 2009

How to lie your way to the top.

I was following a post in the following article. Is Judge Sotomayor A Secret Right-Winger? by Mike, a lawyer, about using facts to back up everything that you say. If we all had to stop and research every thing that we ever said, it could get very quit.

Mike has a good point however about backing up things with facts but as we have all witnessed various groups have used facts that have been distorted, taken out of context, stretched, fragmented or otherwise spun into an outright lie to benefit their own advantage. Also we all know someone that, during the course of a conversation, can manufacture facts at the same speed as they can spew them.

Facts that cannot be disputed are very useful however but I often can not recall a fact in time to be of use so I prefer to speak in concepts as they are easy to digest and I like to let folks find out the facts on their own if they would. I believe that folks can grasp a good concept like the US constitution providing they have not been brainwashed to the point of being a walking vegetable.

Which brings me to this concept, how in the hell did we ever get to the point that we allow politicians, elected officials and bureaucrats to blatantly lie to us without any fear of reprisal? The citizen does not have that same option and would fear incarceration if they did.

If we had taken a different path and not tolerated that kind of thing and made our leaders face up to any and all lies used to gain position and power, we would not be in the mess that we currently are mired in.

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