The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Open letter to congress

To my Senators and Congressman,

It is with great bewilderment and fear that I watch the events of today play out and it is with great sadness that our freedoms and way of life may soon come to an end.

I am talking about the insidious bill in congress labeled as the heath care bill. This bill, or any other similar bill, if passed will be the instrument that will finally tears down our country, destroy our free market, destroy our freedom, cripple our society, ruin our great health care system, send us into a socialistic or possibly even communistic country and make us the laughing stock of the world.

I am also talking about the myriad of other bills that should never have seen the light of day such as the one that will once again attempt to take away our constitutional right to bear arms or own a gun. Never have I seen such an all out assault on our liberties as I see today with this administration.

I see countless concerned folks, most of them in vain due to ridicule from special interest, trying to step up to the plate now at the town hall meetings and voicing their fears over this bill that Obama is trying to ram down our throats. You would see these same folks voicing their opinions and concerns elsewhere if there was an elsewhere for them to voice their concerns. The members of congress have insulated themselves very well from the very folks that have sent them to congress.

This is why I am writing you this letter because there is no other civil or peaceful way for me to communicate with you and I implore you to think about the tragedy that is about to happen today in this country, stop what you are doing and do the right thing. Put aside your partisanship and do something to save our country, our freedom and our beloved constitution. If you don’t and this bill passes, ----- well I’m not sure who would be able to pick up the pieces and ever put it back together.

We have the greatest country to ever to exist in this world but it is now sick and it needs some tender loving care from folks who value freedom more than their power, their money or their stately position.

From folks that know that freedom comes hard and often has a bloody price. From folks that know that freedom means responsibility for themselves, from folks who have the courage and integrity to protect it and folks that know that if we stray from the wisdom of our forefathers, we will become lost and lose it forever. Please don’t trash it; there will never ever be another one again.

One more thing in closing, if you think that this Obamacare bill is so good for the average American, please make sure that all members of congress are under the same medical plan as the rest of us and receive the same treatment.

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