The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Biggest story of the century is going mostly unreported

There is a growing number of folks who believe (including myself who read the book some years ago called "No One Dares Call It A conspiracy") that neither party really has full control over our government.

It was suggested by this same book and now many other folks that the "fed" which is a privately owned corporation controls our banks also has a strong strangle hold on both parties. If this is true, and it does seam quite feasible, then the two parties are allowed to fight over god, abortion, health care, the environment, the weather and on and on and on until the people become completely numb with apathy. However the outcome, life goes on as usual and things get steadily worse because it doesn't matter that much which party wins the government is still under the same control.

The biggest story of the century is going mostly unreported and ignored by the very same folks that we depend on to keep us abreast of events that matter to us. And for why? Is it because they fear ridicule? or is because they are owned by the same who would perpetrate the demise of this grand country?

I was involved with the campaign for Ross Perot and watched very carefully how he was finally defeated. It took the work of a team of experts to find out how to push Ross's buttons and that is how he blew the race to the white house.

It has been said that we will never have another chance to run a third party with any degree of success again. I think that this is wrong minded and a defeatist attitude and I think that the time has come that the people will find a way to vote the two party system out of office. A good start would be for the voting public to decide that no matter who runs for either of the two parties, that they will only vote for a confirmed third party candidate no matter what their name is. This would probably induce more qualified folks to run on a third party ticket. The only concern would be keeping the fed from putting up their own shill and this is another good reason to make the fed transparent and open up their books.

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  1. Follow up; yes it is a shame that the majority of folks prefer to remain ignorant on the one subject that is going to be the most important issue that they slept through. I would just let them all sleep and get what they deserve if it were not for the fact that we need for them to wake up for all of our sakes.

    We need to find a solution to this ignorant head in the sand problem and fast, before the next election so that we can start clearing the rats out of the white house. Somehow we need to get all of the voting public to vote for any one except a republican or a democrat.