The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, August 1, 2009

US Customs backs off revision of switchblade law

Thanks to the many folks that got involved with stopping this ridiculous intrusion into the Americans freedom to carry a folding knife, the US customs office has decide to tuck in their tail and run.

The watch dogs are to be highly commended on the about face of the Homeland Security backed efforts of the US Customs office to perpetrate such an overbearing law on the American people.

After the US Customs office and the delegates from all 50 states came under a deluge of letters etc. demanding that the customs office rethink their prospective rewording of the antiquated 1950s switchblade law, the congress stepped in and amended the prospective in an attempt to allow for the existing one handed opening knives.

Apparently the Homeland security and Customs did not care much for this amended version and decided to withdraw the prospective. I wasn’t completely happy with the amended version myself because the wording was nothing but fertile grazing ground for lawyer fodder, but it would have been much better than the original prospective by the Customs office. This worthless and antiquated law really needs to just simply be tossed out of existence due the ambiguity of it for one and the fact that the law has no real foundation for existence in the first place.

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