The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Comments on Ron Paul's Free Market

Ron Paul makes some very good points here and I think he is pretty much on track most of the time and I hope that he keeps up the good work. However here is some points that I think need to be addressed.

One thing that i have always wondered about is why more folks are not more upset every time congress goes into session and passes a new flury of needless laws that are engineered to make a few fat cats fatter and not so much at doing any bidding of the people. This is the very reason that these bills are written in legal jargon so that no one can make sense of them. Also without the legal ease how could you build loop holes into it for the fat cats to feed on?

A rider bill simply infuriates me and I can not understand why any one, in their right mind, would tolerate such an insidious thing. What was someone thinking?

Another thing that has always bothered me is when we know; for a fact, that a law is bad, useless, filled with engineered loop holes or otherwise simply unneeded we can always depend on it to remain in effect forever. If someone doesn't like the outcome they simply write a new bill that is sure to compound the problem even further.

Most of our governmental problems, including heath care, could simply be eliminated by going back and tossing out the garbage. If we could do this, we would not need new legislation, big or bigger government and we Americans could go on enjoying our hard won freedom.

It seems as though most folks believe that the constitution will protect them, when it is the other way around, we need to protect our constitution before it is too late.

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