The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tricking the ballot

After struggling with the wording on several of the initiatives on the Washington Ballot, I finally sent it in yesterday.

The first initiative was I-1053 and I read and re-read it over a period of 4 or 5 days. Being stubborn and considering myself as being reasonably intelligent, I did not think it necessary to seek any professional counseling in order to get the proper interpretation of the initiative. I was wrong.

This morning I received, in the mail, a postcard, from a trusted source, with some recommendations as how to properly vote on several of the initiatives and I had all of them right except for the one that I had spent several days reading and re-reading.

Also this morning I received an E mail from another one of my trusted sources with further information in regards to the way that I had discovered that the ballots are set up so as to make it easy for anyone to fraudulently change your vote.

My suggestion was to cross out the name of the opposition so that no one could simply change your vote by crossing out your choice and making a new vote. However she suggested that that could nullify your vote or maybe your ballot entirely.

My questions hopefully will be much simpler to understand than the initiatives on the ballot.

Is our election process run by a pack of morons?

Is the whole damn election process contrived or designed, by sinister government officials, for the explicit purpose of nullifying your vote, in case you failed to vote properly, of course?

We know that the election process in many foreign countries are a total shame and joke, I’m beginning to see how our election process is going the same way.

A ballot that had been designed so that it can be altered by anyone after it is cast.

A ballot that has initiatives that are written to be misleading and difficult to read.

A president that has been allowed to set up his own election control board, i. e. the SEIU.

A president and Congress that is spending tax dollars and using government aircraft to raise campaign funds for members of his own party. Shows the importance of this race.

A president and Congress that has practically broken every rule and law in the nation to try and maintain democrat control of the congress during a midterm election.

A government including the White House Administration, Congress and the Judicial Department that has declared war on the Constitution of the United States and its people.

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