The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Omission of the truth is as good as a lie.

Omission of the truth is as good as a lie.

This country, this coming November, is getting down to the wire, so to speak, with the most important election of the century. Either way it goes, it will be historical.

This election could very well spell the difference between the complete and total disaster and demise of the greatest nation ever to exist on earth or the beginning of the recovery from the insidious and nefarious actions of greedy politicians who are so busy with stuffing their pockets will ill gotten gains that they have failed to see that their treacherous actions have all but destroyed the great nation that they live in.

One of the reasons that the constitution gave us the freedom of speech and a free press was to make sure that this would never happen. We were given a free press to insure that all citizens were kept apprised of the actions of Congress and the government as a whole.

What in the hell has happened?
How on earth did we ever let our press fall into the hands of the enemy?
How much longer will the public keep swallowing the swill of the mainstream media? How much longer will I be able to write and send this type of message before the storm troopers take that option and or me away?
When will the people wake up and demand their freedom back?
When will we stop following the propaganda of the media?
When will folks pull their children out of school and get them away from the progressive brain washing movement?

In observing the reactions of leftist and progressives, it is amusing to see or hear them spout hatred for the Fox News channel and yet even these folks who are considered right wing go on skirting the real issues of the day.

They dwell on the Bush tax cut and the need for extending it. OK we need it extended but what we really need is a Congress that will rid us of, most if not all, of the taxes along with most, if not all, of the government agencies created over the past century.

They espouse pro life as if it were the most important issue of the day. Yes it is an important issue but it is clear, to us all, by now that it is an issue that will not get solved by Congress. And it is not an issue that will save our freedom and our country from tyranny. It is a made in heaven issue however for despot public officials that want to keep your mind off the real issues that are important, like keeping our freedom.

At this very moment, your leaders in Washington are making plans to stop this kind of communication because “they feel it is a detriment to society”.

What they really mean is that they don’t want you to see or hear anything other than government owned or sponsored propaganda.


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