The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The problem with politics.

The problem with politics.

The problem with politics is that most of us resent being nothing more than a money well for those that have money.

Those that are in office are continually trying to raise your taxes in order that they can stuff more money in their own pockets and there is a number of ways that been invented by members of congress to implement this treachery handily. All of these treasonous acts are labeled as necessary to saving something from something and who on earth is going to vote for something that would purportedly harm a child or endanger a species, etc. If most folks would take the time to investigate these treasonous propositions that are perpetrated on the people they would realize the exact nefarious nature of the beasts.

During the campaigns for the election process, the incumbents are quick to use your tax dollars by various dubious methods (check out the illegal actions of Obama and Pelosi jetting around the country with your aircraft and spending your tax dollars to raise campaign money for their cronies) to rake in more campaigns funds and the wanabees are constantly calling on you to send in more and ever more donations to defeat the incumbents so that they can become the incumbents who in turn can repeat the money cycle forever.

Let us pray that the Tea Party folks, when elected to office, can somehow resist the temptations of the cookie jar and keep their minds on the business at hand that inspired them to action.

This fall will set a new high level in the amount of money ever spent in an election and the fact that this in not even a presidential election should give you some insight as to how important this race is and also give you some clue as to how close we all are to losing our freedom.

In today’s world, it is not enough to simply cast a vote for someone that you think would do a better job of running our country. In fact most folks have given up voting because they can no longer see any difference in any of the candidates that are running for office and they are quite right in their astute observations.

However obvious it is, that there is but little difference in the Democrats and the Republicans, it is important this fall to vote for a Republican over a Democrat in order to bust up the Obama coup attempt. Yes please vote for a republican even if you have to suppress gagging as in the case of voting for Dino Rossi over the sad Patty Murray.

It is going to take more than one election to get our freedom back, after all we still have Obama to contend with yet and we can also un-elect the republicans should they prove to be politicians as usual and I’m quite sure that some, at least, will.

The problem is obvious, there is too much money at stake and winning by any means, no matter how nefarious, is a guaranteed way to get your fingers in the cookie jar. Once elected, you are in a league of elitist crooks who have contrived enough power that they no longer have much need for stealth.

Of course the new members of congress have to learn the ropes and rules of the game in order to become players and just like any game, the best players come out on top as a rule. The plan, on our part, should be to overwhelm the game with enough new players that we can instill new rules. Maybe we should call them old rules as designed by our drafters.

This is all good for the players, however bad for a free nation, and it is also good for the media because the media rakes in huge sums of money in the campaigns paid for by, no other than you, the tax payer and you, the generous contributor of campaign funds.

So while you are sending off your hard earned money in hopes of changing and improving government, you wind up lining the pockets of the media who in turn knows who butters their bread and gives them favorable but largely falsified reviews and inaccurate and sometime false accounts of their behavior and actions.

How can we overcome such a hypocritical and despicable operation? Simple; only support or vote for a candidate who will sign a contract that he or she will honor the sworn oath to uphold, abide by and protect the constitution of the United States of America, and hold him or her accountable to it.

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