The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, October 14, 2010

One more damn good reason to fire everyone in government

I have been a customer of Eliot Management Group and they have processed my credit card transactions for a number of years.

About a year ago, I was contacted by Eliot Management Group and an organization called PCI compliance and received a stern warning, from them, that I would have to comply with PCI and that if I failed to comply, I could be fined up to $50,000.00 and or thrown in jail. This PCI organization appeared to have the full force of the government backing them so it seemed, at the time, as if compliance was not a choice on my part.

A PCI compliance fee of over $130.00 was removed from my account and then I was instructed to fill out an online questionnaire that was quite lengthy and also very ludicrous. After many attempts, I managed to fill out their form to their satisfaction; I was then instructed to install a software program on my web site that allowed them to snoop in my files, supposedly, in search of improperly stored credit card numbers, that I have never done, and probably what ever else that they might like to find.

After some months of being PCI compliant, I began to experience some difficulty in running some of my computer functions and I had to eventually instruct my virus protection program to ignore the PCI attempts to access my computer in order that I could conduct business without the intrusive and damaging interference.

While discussing this situation with a sales person who sells credit card processing for Apex Merchant Group, I was informed that there is no such company as PCI and that the charges and compliance fees, forced upon me, was generated by none other than a division of my current credit card processing company, Eliot Management Group.

Because I was duped and coerced, by threat of fines and imprisonment, into the PCI compliance scam and was misinformed, from the beginning of the actual situation created by Eliot Management Group, I decided to drop Eliot Management Group and set up with a new credit card processing company.

After making the switch, I was informed by the new company Apex Merchant Group, to make sure that I contacted the old company to ensure that everyone knew that I was no longer working with the old company.

Eliot Management Group informed me that I cannot change my credit card processing providers without a substantial penalty fee on both the credit card processing and the PCI compliance thing. They claim that I failed to let them know of my wishes to cease operations with them before their automatic renewal in August.

I feel that this company has used deceptive and coercive force on me with reprehensible scare tactics to get me to comply with an additional annual fee and an intrusive software system by the use of fraudulent means and should be investigated for fraud and theft.

Besides, how could anyone ever explain how this could ever be Constitutional?

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