The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Lame Duck Shuffle

Just when you think that you’ve experienced the worst of outrageous acts by despotic politicians, then along comes the Lame Duck Shuffle.

Are you kidding me? These slimy slugs are shirking their sworn duties and leaving bills on the table, that they don’t want to get caught voting on, and are then going to go home and try to get re-elected before going back to Congress.

And then if they do get the boot, as most of them very well should, they will return to Congress and resume their nefarious tasks and continue to do their dirty work in their final days of depravity. How outrageous, it makes me want to puke and more.

This is not only criminal but as low a level as you can slink to and very well could be considered treasonous as well. Isn’t treason a capital crime?

Why is it that a citizen can go to jail for relatively small offense and the elected servants are untouchable for the most blatant of criminal acts?

Perhaps someone out there can find a way to corral these guys, dehorn and brand them and render them mute and as useless as a steer.

Perhaps the people should collectively offer to sue each of them if they should act in such a miserly manner and send them tens of thousands of E mails to that effect.

Collectively or not, we should all descend upon all the lame ducts with our outrage to prevent them from resorting to skullduggery as a lame duck.

And it would not be a bad idea to do the same with some who are not lame ducks but are just as lame.


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