The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, October 23, 2010

To the honorable members of Congress.

To the honorable members of Congress.

Please obey the Constitution's limits on federal power.

These are very trying days for most Americans with today’s economy, high unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies and strained uncertainty.

Well over half of the nation is concerned with the loss of their freedom and the apparent and complete lack of regard for the citizen by most politicians who seem to still be in the same operational mode of self serving greed and shady contrivances.

The other half is either the zombies who were successfully brainwashed by the current progressive party or are folks that have not awakened to the real facts yet.

This fall’s election will not only be historically important, it will also show just how divided our nation has become due largely to the forces of the sinister works of incumbent elected officials who will stoop to any low to remain in office or those who will also use any vile means to get into office for the same nefarious reasons.

This fall’s election comes down to whether or not we will still have our freedoms and our country after the election and the aftermath of the expected revengeful attacks on our freedom by the large number of lame ducks that will be thrown out of office this fall.

Most of us believe that it is a travesty that any one who has been tossed out on their ear for not representing the people, should be able to go back to Congress, as a lame duck, and wreak havoc with a vote that can not be held accountable.

To all of those that may fit into the above dubious description, I would warn that all members of Congress will all be carefully watched by a number of concerned citizens and should the unthinkable happen, we will know who are, or should be, accountable.

I beg of each and everyone who has the power to influence the outcome of our freedom this fall, or at any other time, to put aside any self interest and become a member of the community of decent freedom loving Americans and refrain from tossing out the most valuable thing that we all cherish so much, our freedom.

Should any members of Congress not have a clear idea of what it is that I refer to, I have but this to say; please do nothing, with the exception of resigning your position in office.

There is no current bill in Congress with the exception of auditing the Fed, etc. worthwhile voting on and the vast majority of them would be detrimental to our freedoms.

Concerned Citizen


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