The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Monday, March 29, 2010

A republic, if you can keep it

Focus on the big picture.

It is a long way to November and voter’s memories are short. The progressive movement has tasted blood and is in a frenetic feeding mode. Obama will let nothing stop him if he can help it even if it costs him everything, according to his own words.

Obama is no one’s fool, he is highly intelligent and motivated and he believes in what he is doing. He was raised of foreign upbringing with socialistic and Muslim parents and tutoring. He is the very reason why that we require that all our presidents be American born so that our leaders are of American values.

He has succeeded where armies have failed; he has brought our country and the constitution to its knees and left us pondering how the hell it could have happened, to the United States of America, where men and women are born proud and free.

We allowed it to happen because, over the years, we allowed our politicians the liberty to lie and deceive. We all simply just accepted it as a part of life and took it for granted.

We allowed it to happen because we allowed our elected officials to sell us on free handouts from the government, which in turn was taken from the very folks that were given the handouts. This happened because we were tricked into believing that the government was going to take it from the rich and give it to the rest of us. What rubbish.

We allowed it to happen because we were too busy to pay attention to how badly our elected officials were running our house.

We allowed it to happen because we simply complained that we were powerless to do anything about the travesties when we did see one and therefore did nothing and went back to business as usual. After all, if it doesn’t affect me directly, why bother?

We failed on every aspect of governing our government and simply allowed the deceitful and greedy to cheat us at will with nary a whimper or notice.

Ben Franklin when asked what kind of government we had been given said “A republic, if you can keep it”. Can you?

Considering that George Washington and many brave, cold and starving men braved the brunt of a terrible winter at Valley Forge, fighting the British to eventually win our freedom; do you think that some of us can get brave enough to take back our freedom once again via the voting booth or what ever else it may take to reverse the path that we have taken?

Do you think that enough of us can get off the pity pot and start doing what ever it takes to start the process of regaining our freedom, or is it too much trouble for us?

Damn right we can, we just need to become motivated enough and then become as determined as the folks at Valley Forge.

I can guarantee you that regaining our freedom will be a whole lot less painful than the suffering that will entail, us all, as the result of our country becoming a fascist nation.

I do not advocate violence and think that it would be very counter productive, especially at this time; but I do strongly advise that all good men to keep their powder dry, as a last resort.

Freedom only comes to or remains with folks that are willing to fight for it.

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