The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Repeal and nullify

Repeal and nullify;

There are two kinds of citizens in America; there are the progressives who think that the rich were planted on earth in order to share with them that which they worked hard to get and there are the rest of us who would like to keep that which we worked hard to get.

I guess that life is just too hard for some folks so they spend their life looking for the chinks and loop holes so that they can share the wealth without the sweat of toil. Sure enough there is the obliging politician who would hand them your profits for their votes to obtain and then remain in power.

This can only work if there are enough eager handout recipients or votes and this is why the progressives have been working for so long to obtain the level of welfare that we now have today. The progressives have used your hard work and toil against you to buy the votes to remove you from power. They have also convinced your young that they are entitled and that capitalism is their enemy, all the while using big business to obtain their goals.

Of course once the progressive have made the cycle complete and there are no longer any profit making folks left to pay for their plan, it will all imploded just like a Las Vegas Casino. History shows us that it always does.

I guess that we have to decide whether or not we want to let the whole thing cycle through and allow the US to succumb to a communist or fascist state, or try to circumvent the process and stop the progressives from completing the plan before they hurt themselves and everyone else. If you opt for the former, please go back to your ball game and pretend that your government is a warm and fuzzy friend.

Now for the solution:

There are some things that should have been done before the progressives seized power but we will need to regain control before we can get to these processes.

1. We will all have to become informed and educate ourselves so that we can fight this on the proper level in the proper way and defeat those that have used our system against us.

2. Our election process is the only real viable avenue that will prevent the entrenched from using abusive armed forces against the common citizen. However we will need to act fast because those in power are working at full steam to usurp the election process for their own ends.

The first assault on our ability to vote them out of office is the amnesty of illegal aliens. This act could gain the entrenched an additional 12 million votes to nullify our attempt to regain the house and senate as well as the white house.

The second assault on the election process is Obama’s plan to automatically register any one who has ever had his or her name on any federal form.

The third assault on the election process is Obama’s plan to streamline the voting process by giving such organizations as Acorn control over it and the above mentioned list.

Any one of these three programs should raise a red flag, but the three in combination is like a sky full of red flares.

3. Once we have secured the house and senate with folks that are there to specifically preserve our constitution and freedom, we will need to de-fund the bills that have been recently passed and start the process of repealing the health care and other obnoxious bills.

4. Once we have things back in hand again we will need to start addressing the real issues with real solutions. For instance we should fix health care by addressing the very reason that health care is out of the cost range of the average patient, such as too much government interference and bedfellow, sweetheart deals.

5. Before we forget how close we came to losing it all we should address several issues that led to this situation in the first place.

A. We should shore up our constitution and make it impossible for the government to interpret it as it sees fit in order to fit the present wishes of some government department.

Such as; Congress is authorized to make uniform national rules on the trade and exchange of goods (and related activities like their transportation) that cross state borders. On top of it, the word "regulate" meant to "make regular" -- that is, to specify how these transactions may be conducted. Regulate did not mean ban, prohibit, or mandate. These words have different meanings.

B. We need to ensure that all future elected and non elected officials will heed and protect the constitution of the United States and receive stiff fines and or imprisonment should they not do so.

6. We need to recognize that most of the ills and problems that we experience in our lives in this country are mostly derived from ill conceived laws and more often than not, laws specifically made for the illicit purpose of legalizing the theft from honest citizens. The only hope for real change in this country is for honest people to be elected and charged with the responsibility of weeding out these parasitic laws and making a substantial reduction in government. If we fail to make a real effort to do this, we may just as well let the rascals in power have their way and then find some way to escape to a friendlier environment.

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