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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fix Health Care, Don’t Inflate It.

There are some things in life that will never change that most folks instinctively know;

You don’t throw gasoline on a fire if you are trying to put out.

You don’t pour water in a hole if you’re trying to dry it out.

So why would you try to fix a problem that was created by unnecessary and bad legislation by making more unnecessary and bad legislation?

It is true that most Americans would love to have the high cost of health care fixed somehow and congress should be working on it full tilt, but not by adding more bad legislation.

Congress needs to revisit just why it created such monster government departments such as the AMA, FDA and a myriad of other obnoxious departments such as the BAFT as well.

The AMA was set up primarily to raise the fees that doctors could charge, kind of like a union, and of course regulate the kind of medicine that they could peddle. They did this by telling the doctors which universities that they would accredit and this in turn left out many of the types of medicine that was once practiced.

Yes I would agree that some of these practices were probably a little draconian and some were just simply unscientific in nature, but many that bit the dust were also sound science wise but did not fit into the scheme of things such as the FDA whose job it was to ensure that the pharmaceutical giants were well taken care of.

This was all fine for the doctors and drug companies but not so good necessarily for the average patient who now had to ingest costly and often dangerous chemicals or undergo invasive surgery. To this day, the mega corporations are still fighting such mundane things as the kind of salt that we can eat and of course many of the herbal remedies are considered by the AMA and the FDA to be too dangerous for human consumption.

So it is easy to see, that if you are not willing to go back and fix the problems created by congress and the greed driven corporations, there will never be a satisfactory solution to the problem and it will only become worse as it becomes even more entangled.

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