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Saturday, March 6, 2010

My assessment of the coming times

The Great Obamaplan, The End Of America and The Rise Of A New Fascism State

If any one can prove that I'm wrong with the following synapses, I sure would love to be therefore shown of my ignorance and convinced thusly so that I can become once again happy in my ignorance. However, I have a great and foreboding fear that I am at least somewhat of not mostly accurate in my estimation of the circumstances of the day and so remain quite distressed by it.

The Great Obamaplan

            Well, actually it is the progressive plan that has been around and has been slowly gaining momentum ever since the Bull Moose Party or even before. The progressives were smart enough to know that if they had tried to overthrow the country back then, they would have met with great opposition and that would have put a stop to any future plans for a very long time.  It’s the frog in the pot thing and the progressives are betting that the pot will come to a boil before we can jump out. Obama did not dream up this plan but he very much wants to finish the game with a grand slam homerun and become the Messiah that finally overthrew those awful racist, capitalist pigs.

This plan has been hatched over the past century and has been steadily implemented and required certain well thought out steps in order to succeed as follows. These politicos have been very patient up until now but now there is no longer time to waste.

1. Funding; First in order for any plan to succeed, you will need to find a great deal of assistance and funding to grease the wheels and cover your backside as you slither towards your goal and there seems to be plenty of snakes in the grass that will happily help you as you slowly infiltrate the political parties with your agenda. For instance the international bankers have had much influence in our government both openly and behind closed doors.

2. Indoctrination; You will not get far in a free society unless you can somehow, over time, convince folks that freedom is not so cool and that you really need the government to protect yourself from yourself or others.

A. The first step would be to set up a government run and controlled education system so that you had the perfect place to get at the minds of the young citizen and second you will need a teachers union and various (leave no child behind type of programs) in place in order to force the teachers to do your bidding.

A.2. Most if not all of the text books approved by the schools system are written by publishing companies with progressive agendas. This fact on its own should be more than enough to enrage the average citizen or parent and precipitate an all out war on those in charge of this mess.

B. What more perfect instrument than the media to reach the minds of millions of young minds with such seemingly innocent programs as the TV cartoons, comics and the sitcoms with subtle and not so subtle overtones of socialism woven into the scripts. Many parents unknowingly use the TV as a baby sitter of sorts and reward their children with the opportunity to become indoctrinated on a daily basis.

C. What better way to keep the masses in check if you can own and control all or most of the news media and the news sources. It just goes to show that if you have all of the money in the world, you can own what ever you want or need. You wonder if folks even know that all news is filtered or modified before it is released to the various news agencies. Do people even wonder why some things never make it to the news desk or wonder why most of the news is mostly about someone’s smutty behavior?

D. If you own Hollywood, you can own the world. I can remember when our movie stars all were proud Americans who gave us the image of the heroes that we needed during the difficult times of the war and the great depression. Now it seems that most of the Hollywood elitists are into bashing our way of life and they fully expect government to be the big rich sugar daddy that they can depend on.

E. Make sure that professors are given tenured preference if they are progressive. I can remember my college days and some of the real kooks that taught some of the subjects. Back than we just made fun of them and didn’t take them serious but now they seem to have an eager ear as they use their teaching position to further indoctrinate.

F. Become politically correct. This one is so ridicules that it is hardly worth the effort talking about, but it is yet another tool to keep the masses in check and to further indoctrinate.

 3. Gun control laws that can be used to ultimately disarm the American citizen therefore rendering the masses harmless. Some folks might be a bit resistant to losing their freedom. Those that know what is coming will never give up their guns without a fight.

At the present time there is a myriad of gun control attempts in play all with the intention of disarming the US citizen. In fact there are numerous insidious attacks on numerous fronts against most all of our freedoms at the present. It’s part of the grand plan and is meant to overwhelm the watch dogs of freedom while at the same time they are ramming the public option thing down our throats.

4. Public Option; Set up an infrastructure for running the government without constitutional restraints.
The public option part of the highly controversial health care bill was designed by the progressives to be just that very tool and is the most important and necessary part of the progressive plan.
5. Presidential Executive Orders; Set up executive orders that will give the white house complete control in case of a natural disaster or civil unrest in order to install martial law.

These executive orders are already in place; however one only needs to look back at hurricane Katrina to see just how things can go if you have an unplanned disaster. First it only took the government a week or two to decide if or how it was going to help out the victims and second once the government did decide to help, they were more interested in stealing the citizen’s private gun collections, in the name of preserving order of course, than they were of rendering help to the folks needing help.

6. Engineering the disaster; our economy is presently on the brink of a traumatic financial meltdown and only needs one more nudge to collapse completely. Any one holding US currency will find it worthless for purchasing needed food and supplies. This will result in the very thing that the progressives need and will put the final nail in our coffin and strip us all of what little freedom that we have left. It will result in the implementation of Marshall Law and the implementation of a whole new government (The 2700 pages of legal jargon in the health care bill plus the executive orders) in place. It will be one without any constitution that you will care about and will be stripped of our bill of rights. Shortly afterwards, we will experience one of the following two scenarios if this insidious monster called the health care bill passes. I think it will be the latter.

A. Shortly after the passage of Obama’s healthcare bill, there will be an all out assault to strip the US citizen of all firearms and shortly after that there will be a total collapse of the dollar.

 B. Shortly after the passage of Obama’s healthcare bill, there will be a total collapse of the dollar followed immediately by Marshall Law and a quick emergency passage of gun confiscation laws, in the name of preserving order of course.

The Aftermath; the world will change overnight and we will not recognize it for what it was. Those that have prepared themselves for a natural disaster will be far better off than those than have not because many of the same situations may occur such as empty store shelves, lack of gasoline, clogged highways, looting. Even worse if the infrastructures collapse such as power grids, communications and those useful government agencies such as the fire dept will be hampered. And we haven’t even got to the part of the banking institutions yet. How will the people hang on to their homes if their money becomes worthless? Will the banks still apply your fiat money at face value to your mortgage at the same fiat value?

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