The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, March 20, 2010

For those of you who think that we need health care reform:

Well I'm sorry, but I have to totally agree with you, Health care is broken and badly needs to be overhauled.

Medical costs are through the roof, hospitals overcharge patients as a matter of standard practice, doctors live under the constant fear of malpractice law suites and this all leads to ever climbing insurance premium costs.

I for one spent the majority of my life without health care insurance because I could not afford it and most of the folks who work at menial labor or who are self employed can not even begin to afford health insurance simply because they would have to use the rent money or go without simple necessities in order to pay for it.

Most of our younger folk go without insurance simply because they do not want to pay for something that they believe that they do not need.

However, As bad as we need to overhaul healthcare, we can not afford to pass the current health care bill now in congress for all of the reasons listed below.

We can not afford it as a nation because it will break the bank and send us into a devastating depression that will be harder to overcome than the first depression and for basically the same reasons of government involvement only much worse this time around.

For those that would argue with that point and claim that Obama does have a handle on the costs, there are many other reasons to not pass this bill:

1. It will place an enormous chunk of our economy directly under the control of the government and you need to only look at any program under their control to see how this will work out.

2. The Doctor patient relationship will be a thing of the past and we will get the health care as best dictated by some government agency, namely the IRS who will be in charge.

3. I don’t know about you but having the IRS as administrator of my health care scares the crap out of me especially when they say that the IRS will have direct access to your bank accounts so that they can withdraw their insurance fees.

4. There will be an instantaneous lack of doctors due to the increased number of folks that now have a perceived “free health care ticket”. This lack will soon become worse as many doctors that are fed up with the current bureaucracy will shut down their practice because they will deem it as not worth it and the third demise of the doctor pool will be the reluctance of folks to study medicine in an environment that takes away all incentives to be a doctor.

This will lead to the inevitable rationing of health care with the older folks left pretty much out in the cold. Those that can afford it will travel to foreign countries to receive a better standard of care. How is that for balancing the trade scale?

5. The demise of the insurance companies and the inevitable demise of competition would seem to be in order when the government steps in with “government brand financed insurance competition” but then you would have expected the myriad of insurance companies to screaming foul.

It is most interesting to note the silence of the insurance industry as this bill gets closer to passing and it really makes me wonder what role the government has allowed for them.
Usually corporations do hold silent when congress enacts laws that are deemed by the public to be restrictive to the corporations under siege by them because they benefit by the restrictive rules that helps to eliminate competition from smaller firms. This one is baffling and leaves one to think that there is a whole lot of backroom dealing going on. Any one remember the AIG?

6. This bill has the ominous potential to be the instrument to usurp the constitution and our freedom and lead us into a socialistic or fascist state. Of course anyone who would suggest that this kind of thing could happen in the US of A is immediately deemed as a whacko nut job and placed in the same category as the UFO abductees. However, those who bothered to learn anything about history would know that this has happened many times in history and that the USA is finally ripe for plucking.

7. Finally it should be noted that this bill is unconstitutional and if it passes will place the country in a very precarious situation. Either the citizens will adjust to being loyal subjects or they will rise up in anger and try to reclaim the freedom that they once had. It has the potential and could lead to civil war with the citizens pitted against the loyal subjects.

Those politicians that have little or no regard for their constituents and are still playing politics as usual, I can only say this, may your god, if you have one, have mercy one your sole, because no one else will. I also wonder what, if anything, our congressmen and senators will tell their grand children someday when they discover that they are now living in a country that has squandered their offspring’s freedom for a few congressional favors.

There is perhaps a silver lining in this dark cloud and it may actually save the day as it has awakened the populace from a long sleepy nap and they are becoming aware of just how congress and our government works. Lets all hope that it is not too late.

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