The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Working Plan To Save Our Freedom And Our Country.

Taking back our country and giving back the freedoms to the American people seems at the present time to be an impossibility. The existing party, of two parties, has been working overtime to ensure that another Ross Perot like does not have a chance at trying to unseat the party in power. In fact our leader, Barack Hussein Obama, is presently working on a program to automatically register all Americans, perhaps some more than once and perhaps some non Americans as well, who have any kind of government record to vote and given the track record of Obama’s group of thugs called Acorn, we can only expect from this a much broader and more unified corruption of the ballot box.

There is a great and perhaps historical awakening rippling across the country, and it is growing in size with each new outrageous act from congress. Never before has there been such discontent with our leaders as now and never before has there been so many different groups working so hard to prevent government from steeling our freedoms. There is great promise in these insubordinate and yet honorable actions and congress should take heed, however with their past demonstration of blatant indifference and contempt for their constituents that many of our senators display, that seems very doubtful or unlikely.

Most of us are aware of how difficult it will actually be to remove these jackals from office and replace with legislators that will actually work for the people and not against them. Some think that it is already far too late to do any thing with the federal government directly as they already are thoroughly corrupt and have enough power to probably retain enough control to thwart any attempts to remove enough of them from office to matter.

The solution may very well be for the many splintered groups such as The Tea Party, The Tenth amendment, C4L, Town Hall, Audit the Fed, Impeach Obama, Right to work, bear arms, etc. etc., to join forces in order to show a broader and stronger front

However this larger, more unified and inextricable group should respect the goals of each of the autonomous organizations that make up the parent organization in order to not undermine any of the important issues being dealt with by these separate autonomous groups. Allowing these separate groups to remain autonomous would create a more transpartisan type of organization where ideas come from many different sources as opposed to the very extreme narrow views of the political party in present control.

Now that we have formed a much more receptive and responsive organization, we need to use it to its best advantage. Sure we should do our best to work at the federal level and try to vote out the jackals and keep on trying to force those same jackals, who remain in power, to live up to their sworn oath to protect and abide by the constitution. Perhaps our best avenue to pursue, however, is the local levels first and work our way up to the state level in order to place enough honorable folks in state government who have enough integrity to work together with the other states in order to nullify the federal government and replace it with a new government of these United States of America.

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