The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Washington Horror Show

It's kinda like watching the perfect horror movie where no mater how many times you kill the monsters Jason or Freddy, torch the blob, nuke Godzilla or jettison the alien from outer space to the surface of the sun, the monster always finds a way to survive and return with renewed vengeance.

I, and I believe you, think it is finally high time to find a way to rid ourselves of the never ending malicious, frivolous and not so frivolous unwanted and unnecessary bills that our law makers and special interest lobbyists keep firing at us. This administration is working full bore at trying to overwhelm our system with a barrage of horror show bills in hopes that they can pass as many a of these freedom killing bills as they can before they are kicked to the streets.

To date, I believe that the problem lies in the fact that most Americans feel that it is the Democrats versus the Republicans, left versus right, liberals versus conservatives. I also believe that history will show that this not necessarily the case and that there are responsible folks in each of these opposing sides. History will also reveal that both parties have been infiltrated with the progressive movement and these are the folks that are mostly responsible for tearing our country apart.

Americans are finally awakening from their long sleepy stupor and beginning to realize that they have lost much of their freedom and wealth to the despots that have somehow retained office with various lies, tactics, treachery and trickery. However, unless we become smarter and better informed, the next two elections will be a great turning force and the pendulum will swing back to the other side, but will leave us with basically the same problems with a new ball team.

The solution is to vote only for candidates that will sign an ironclad binding agreement to keep their campaign promises and agree to actually fulfill their sworn obligation to both uphold and protect our constitution. And we will have to be ready to carry out what ever measures that are required to enforce these agreements.

Make this your new motto for the upcoming years;

Only Vote For A Candidate That Willingly Signs An Ironclad Agreement To Protect And Honor The Constitution

Never buy in to the fable that a vote for an independent is a vote wasted, it is the only way that we will ever fix Washington.

One more motto;

Never Vote For A Partisan Candidate No Matter How Bi They Claim To Be.

Very Damned Independent


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