The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Surviving the inevitable

For a reason that I do not understand, I have been somehow gifted by being able to predict certain things in life and I have seen many of these predictions come to be. I somehow knew when I was a young lad that we would have another revolution in our country but I never once thought, until just recently that it would happen in my lifetime.

Over the years, life has handed me subtle clues about things to be and I have received the contemptuous wink and nods from folks when I tried to inform them that their freedom was eroding away and that they were going to lose their way of life. After all why would anyone listen to me, I had no degree in political science.

There are many different type of disasters however, some are natural and some are man made. Most of us, rightfully, both fear and dread the day when the proverbial shit hits the fan and life becomes precarious and difficult. Most of us can not begin to imagine the consequences of a, non man made, national disaster, when the lights eventually or immediately go out and everything begins to shuts down. Indeed most of us will refuse to believe that any disaster could create this and that government would be helpless to rescue them.

Imagine when you run out of food, drinking water, gasoline, medicine, communications and transportation shut down and there is no help from any of the government agencies.

Imagine what it will be like to evade armed bands of roaming gangs gathering whatever they want at gunpoint. Will you be armed or defenseless? Will you survive?

Now try to imagine all of the above but add to it the angry mobs that have had their fill of corruption in government and want to extract their pound of flesh or maybe just try to put things back to where it belongs.

No one wants any of this to happen, but natural disasters are inevitable and we are powerless to stop volcanoes or earth quakes. However, we may be able to prevent the man made disaster that is looming just over the horizon, providing that we wake up and realize that it is not only possible, for it to happen, but it is most probable to happen unless we take strong and quick actions to prevent it.

We’ve been in safe harbor, for a good spell now, and it seems highly unlikely that anything could usurp our way of life. After all we live in the United States of America, the land of the free. The problem lies in the fact that no one wants to hear that we could lose our cherished way of life and so we don’t ever allow ourselves to hear of it or believe it when we do. The problem also lies in the fact that sinister forces have been slowly chipping away at our concrete foundations for many years and planting the very seeds of disaster that will rise up and suddenly it will be all over.

The question is what do we do? What course of action is best to take to prevent the loss of our constitution and our way of life? These are good questions that need answers.

Number One; If we stand by and simply watch the jackals, over the next several years systematically, destroy the economy, strip our freedom of speech, revoke our right to arm ourselves and transform our way of life into a living hell hole, it will be very difficult to regain our freedoms again. We will be at their complete and total mercy.

Number Two; If we wait until the jackals try to confiscate our guns before we rise up in a revolution, the result will be total anarchy similar to a very large natural disaster and many of us will not even survive to fight the enemy, if indeed he can be found. At this point, no one would know who to trust or who the enemy even is. The jackals will simply climb aboard their luxury jets and watch the chaos from a safe distance while enjoying the spoils gained from leading us into hell.
We could only hope that some in power would have the common sense to join the angry masses and constructively lead them into a peaceful settlement and stem the bloodshed.

Number Three; We can act now and try to circumvent the problems of the first two by using what ever means it takes to wake up our fellow friends and neighbors, drag them away from Monday night football long enough to educate him or her as to what is going down and the need for them to all get cracking on saving our way of life.

It is most difficult to believe sometimes that our number one enemy is the very ones that we elected to office to protect not only us, from outsiders, but our cherished constitution as well. It is most difficult to defeat those who have been elected to office sometimes because of the many ways that the jackals have learned how to retain power and are doing so flagrantly these days.

As we are trying to wake up our sleepy citizens, the enemy is devising new ways to control the ballet boxes to ensure that the angry mobs will not have the power to throw them out of office. Unless we act quick and find a way to rid ourselves of these self perpetuating jackals, there will never be another election that reflects the interest of the American public. Obama may very well be the last president that we will have ever elected in a free election process, or was it?

There are many splintered groups who are mad as hell and mean to make things just again, in Washington DC, but unless they take a hard lesson from Obama and learn how to organize, it will fizzle out like a dud firecracker.

Obama hit us from many fronts and kept us busy and divided while trying to work on each and separate issue and guess what he would do next. We need to organize our splintered fronts into one power base machine, form committees to address all issues but remain focused on the target and return the fire with equal gusto.

We have all read the rhetoric and we all know that in a very short time, we will all be knee deep in doodoo. This mess was created by a bunch of sleazy lawyers; maybe we need some lawyers to help clean it up. Does any one want to volunteer?

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