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Friday, November 25, 2011

Newt's red flags

Tuesday night’s national security debate in Washington by CNN

Newt Gingrich may have swept the polls but ran up several red flags during the debate.

During the course of the evening Newt said that instead of reining in the Homeland Security he would actually increase their authority. Now Newt may be just concerned about the nations safety but that scares hell out of me and tells me that Newt is not so inclined to downsize the government as he suggests.

Newt also endorsed or rather used the words (Private/Government Partnership), which was also uttered previously by Barrack Obama during one of his speeches. This term rings the same warning tone as (Crony Capitalism) and is one of the primary reasons that America is in the pickle that it is in today. Congress in bed with corporations and their lobbyists equal corruption to the highest degree.

There was one more issue that Newt brought up that I did not like but I have not been able to recall it yet and apparently no one else noticed it at all as I have not read anything yet that triggers my memory.

The one great unanswered answer that not one of the candidates could have given to the question of how we could improve the economy and reduce the debt should have been; “Cut taxes and eliminate the myriad of bad laws and obnoxious government departments that are killing our businesses such as the IRS, EPA, Dept. of Education and many others”.

This would have multiple and simultaneous positive effects to the nation as it would increase our freedoms, increase revenue while reducing government expenditures, it would reduce our need for revenue, inspire more entrepreneurs to create business, reassure businesses that the government would no longer penalize success, reduce unemployment and the need for welfare and entitlements.

Speaking of entitlements, Social Security in not one of them, as many would have you believe, Social Security was thrust upon the public and part of the deal or contract to clinch it, or sell it, was that it was a contract with the working class to provide an insurance/retirement program for those that worked.

The money paid into the program was to be kept separate from the general fund and given back to the people when they needed it later. The problem lies in two separate issues; one the government could not keep their grubby hands off of the cash and two if they had, the criminally engineered inflation by the Federal Reserve, to steal our wealth, would have wiped it out anyway.

Newt might have been the CNN pick but to me the winners were again Ron Paul and Michele Backmann with Cain struggling to keep his ground. I also have a renewed interest in both Rick Santorum and John Huntsman as they are sounding a little bit like constitutionalists. And of course we have the two Rhinos Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

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