The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Liberalism used to be a good term before the enemy hijacked it.

Liberalism used to be a good term before the enemy hijacked it.

We have two separate groups that basically believe in the same thing but yet at the same time are deeply and bitterly divided over the same very same issues to the point of destroying the one thing that both sides cherish. Their freedoms.

To illustrate my point and perhaps shed some light on the problem; I can still remember my youth and the hypocrisy of the far right extremist that drove the 60s movement of the masses to throw off the shackles of the fanatical religious crowd that kept America and most of the world stumbling around in the dark ages well into the 20th century.

Growing up in a staunch and over bearing religious environment left a bad taste in my mouth at a very early age and gave me more than just pause to wonder about the dogmatic practice in general.

However being a tolerant American, as most Americans are, I fully accepted everyone’s right to pray or not to pray as they wished and in the manner that they wished, just as long as they left me alone.

The way that I see the conservative right is the belief that folks want to be free, want to be self sufficient or self reliant and want government to stay out of their hair. I like this part of conservatism and it made America what it was until lately, however a faction of this group also wants everyone to be a Christian and wants to have their dogmatism taught in the public schools and inserted into law. In fact many of our overbearing laws were written by these fanatics over the years and led to the liberal revolt and justly so.

I also thought myself as a liberal way before I ever heard the term and was also an environmentalist way before the Sierra Club was ever formed as well. However I soon became repulsed at the fanatical environmental movement as the progressives took over and for as much as I know, they may have started it to destroy America’s economy.

I subscribed to the notion that the church had its nose way too far into the lives and bedrooms of the American citizens and I considered the church as far more of a problem than the fanatic solutions that they perpetrated on the “mores and values of human sexuality” and other stated sinful past times.

So here we are, one faction believes in freedom and self reliance but insists that everyone should believe in god and the other faction believes in freedom but wants the fanatical religious nuts to go about their dogmatic practices quietly and leave them alone.

Somewhere in this conflict however, the enemy has spotted our division and our weaknesses and has infiltrated the ranks to cheer on the fight to keep us divided in order that they can quietly steel our freedoms and wealth away. They have also convinced many of the liberals that the government, or better yet the successful rich, owes them a living somehow and that working for a living is somehow wrong.

The truth of the matter is that while the left and the right was pointing fingers at each other and fighting over the somewhat trivial issues of morality, the people in general dropped the ball and allowed the government to be wined and dined by the corporations to the point that the government is nearly totally corrupted.

Of course the government could not just simply allow the corporations to be too blatant because it would have been way too obvious, so to make things look better they passed laws to prevent the very things that they permitted, in the first place, but with loop holes of course to keep the lobbyist and campaign money flowing.

After a period of time, this merry-go-round stacks up a mountain of red tape to the degree that even the corporations that were originally complicit, can no longer compete in a free world and this is where we are at today, over regulated to our economic demise.

If this nation is going to survive, the people, both the left and the right, will have to come to grips with these differences and come to the realization that the most important thing that we have is our freedom and without it, nothing else will matter. Divided we surely will both perish and the scourges of the earth will come into control and life as we know it will be over for good.

So the answer is to first reclaim our freedom and empty the trash in Congress and the White House. Second we need to clean out the myriad of laws that a complicit Congress and the corporations have passed that is killing our economy as well as our freedoms.

Along the way, we will wind up closing down whole government departments that are not directly essential to the welfare of the country and scale back programs that are not proven to be of good use to the nation’s well being as well.

Along the way, the people will have to decide whether or not entitlements are worth destroying a country and the freedom of the people over. To do so, we will have to stop listening to the enemy and turn to ourselves for the truth.

Perhaps one of the first tasks for the renewed nation would be to break up the foreign owned monopoly of our news sources so that Americans can once again get the news from an unbiased and ethical source.

As I said before, liberalism used to be a good term because it was a revolt by the people, once they begun to discover that there were other views, other than that of the fanatical bible thumpers and for that I am forever grateful for their contributions.

However, our enemies have looked for a way to tear our freedom apart since the beginning of our independence and they have successfully hijacked the liberal movement to serve their own agendas by pushing the pendulum too far to the left.

Let us hope that the “Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic” will succeed and will bring the pendulum back to center where it belongs.

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