The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Saturday, November 12, 2011

America’s First Emperor

America’s First Emperor

Memorial Day on 11, 11, 2011 looked to most Americans as just another American holiday celebrating our veterans and their past and present sacrifices to keep America safe and all across the country Americans paid their homage and watched the grand parades.

As the nation watched the memorial services at Arlington however, I couldn’t help but notice that Obama actually placed his hand over his heart when the National Anthem and Taps were being played and I thought, to myself, why now Mr. President this is a first.

However the spell was soon extinguished when I realized that the president was jetting across country to San Diego to take in a basketball game.

It’s not the fact that he was going to watch his favorite sport on Veterans Day. No it was the fact that he was traveling across the entire width of the country in Air Force One but that was not the half of what got my notice.

What really shook me was the fact that the game was being played on an aircraft carrier.

Nero would have been so proud and would have proclaimed Obama his equal.

Now in honor of the great Chief, I propose to take up a collection from my fellow countrymen in order that we can procure a fine violin of exquisite tone, perhaps a Stradivarius would be appropriate for the chief, and have it engraved, “In honor of the Great Barrack Hussein Obama, America’s First Emperor.

I feel that this would be most appropriate because once America discovers that it is on fire, the lights will go out at some point, all communications will cease and all that Obama will be able to see from the balcony of the White House will be the orange and red flames on the horizon of America burning.

At this point Obama will definitely be in need of his fiddle so as to carry on the final time honored traditions of Nero.

So please open up your pocket books and get your contributions in soon because I can smell the smoke already.

I will also note that on November 11, 2011, history will, hopefully one day, note that what went completely unreported and ignored by all of the media, was the most significant events of American history since the liberty bell rang until it cracked.

What went completely unnoticed and ignored by the media was The Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic by the veterans at the Washington Monument in DC and the Flying Banner to Impeach Obama in San Diego, CA during Obama’s visit.

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