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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The hypocrisy of Politics

The hypocrisy of Politics

If it wasn’t so sad and so debilitating to our freedoms and well being, I would find much amusement in the hypocrisy of the fact that everyone knows and even expects our politicians to be bald-faced liars and thieves hell bent on exchanging the peoples freedoms and wealth for monetary greed.

The really funny part of it stems from the fact that you can be a Pelosi or Harry Reid, etc., etc. with no qualms at all about spinning lies and silly bullshit to cheat the citizens out of their freedom and wealth but should any one get caught with their pants down some where that you probably shouldn’t have your pants down or make a remark that could be construed as racist, sexist or harassing in some way, will get you be instantly buried in media doodoo or maybe even some jail time, not to mention your career will be toast.

The real hypocrisy of it all is the fact that the media itself is shamelessly complicit with the very same forces that are tearing down the nation’s freedom and economy to satisfy the greed of the International Banksters and other criminal cronies because they are actually owned and governed by the same bunch of snakes.

Most of the thinking class of America knows that what the media is trying to do the Herman Cain is pure bullshit simply by the way they are going about it and not bothering to get to the bottom of the story to see if in fact that there is a real story. Why bother to when all you have to do is make insidious innuendos, backed up by fact or not.

There is one thing however that is heartening about the whole thing and that is the fact that it suggests that the sinister forces behind it, are worried about Herman Cain and the possibility of his election. Also should Herman Cain manage to show that these charges are superficial or felonious, it would backfire for his opponents.

I think that Herman Cain probably pointed his finger at the wrong man for tipping off the media but it would have made him look silly if he stated as I do that it was the Washington Mafia that brought it up. After all you can’t suggest that our government is corrupt can you?

Let us hope that the American public will soon catch on to the real story and to the realization that they can not trust government or the media to bring them the truth or even some semblance of it. Let us hope that America will soon realize that the status-quo politician is the enemy and that we need to clean house.

One thing that you can probably take to the bank is that next Friday November 11, the media will be busy covering some celebrity or the ongoing OWL unless they are lucky enough to have some grisly shooting to cover somewhere, because the last place that they would be caught at is covering the Veterans march on Washington, demanding the resignation of Obama, his entire cabinet and a good many corrupt politicians of Congress.

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