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Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to vet a candidate

How to vet a candidate

The following article is a good read and demonstrates just how the media manipulates our candidate choices for us.

How to vet a candidate

America is in great peril and this next year will either spell the end of America or it will bring about a renewed patriotism that will work to reestablish America's freedoms.

Those that run this country, the banksters or rather the Washington Mafia, do not care if Obama is still in office or if it is one of their GOP puppets.

If we make the sad mistake of electing a rhino, the country will slide slowly into a totalitarian regime and the constitution will be replaced with a different one, if Obama should somehow get reelected, it will slide much faster to the same demise but may waken the citizens out of their stupor and ignite a revolution of sorts.

International bankers have no love for American freedom and have worked for its demise since its inception and with them controlling our money supply you can see now why we are in the pickle that we are in and you can also see why the media, owned lock stock and barrel, by the same banksters are working hard to discredit any politician that may work to regain America's freedom.

What needs to be done is for the citizen to discredit the media and elect a candidate that will restore our freedom. I use the media as a reverse barometer to tell me which candidate to focus my attention on.

For more information on how the bankers have tried to destroy America for their own selfish gain go to

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