The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It is high time to set things straight.

It is high time to set things straight.

For months we have been watching the various candidates rise and fall in the polls and have listened to the same old rhetoric about how this candidate or that candidate has some nice points but can’t possibly expect to get elected and we have watched the rhinos come and go with one of them now remaining frozen solidly in the same boring position where he belongs.

It is time to start getting serious and it is time to start getting a grasp as to the dire situation that the country is in and it is time to start educating those that are still happily glued to the NFL and Dancing with the Stars because to think about important things makes their head hurt.

First we need to take a look at what we do know and can prove because it is fact or has been offered up to us by the opposition as their plan for our future, should they have their way.

He who owns the gold rules the land.

He who owns the gold also owns the media.

He who owns the gold also owns the Central Bank i.e. the Federal Reserve.

He who owns the gold owns most, or nearly all, of the politicians.

He who owns the gold has the most money to spend on elections.

But then if you can’t buy all of the votes, you can just steal them. Acorn is a very well funded and well organized group of people hell bent on supporting Obama and his agendas including that of voter fraud.

He who owns the gold has ensured the economic demise of America and the rest of the word’s nations as well. Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac and a host of other skewed programs are a good example of how sinister concerns can bring a country down in short order.

He who owns the gold has made it crystal clear that they intend to make a one world banking system and a one world government. We have already been informed that the demise of the dollar has gone too far and we may have to resort to allowing the monetary system to be taken over by the One World Bank in order to survive. In order to survive what, more of the same old pillaging but on a grander scale?

He who owns the gold are foreign international bankers who own the Federal Reserve and most of the other worlds central banking systems. How on earth did we ever buy into this one, our government prints the cash and then we borrow it back from the privately and foreign owned Federal Reserve?

He who owns the gold could care less about your freedom, because when you own the gold you have all of the freedom that you need or could possibly ever want in spite of any nation’s laws. They are above any nation’s laws and are most assuredly responsible for most, if in fact, not all of America’s assassinated presidents, assassinated presidential candidates and attempted assassination of our leaders.

From the inception of our great country these power hungry dirt bags have been working to undermine our freedoms and taking over our economy for their own greed and are exactly why we are now under the thumb of the Federal Reserve.

They have run the Federal Reserve game and our countries economy into the ground and for them to continue on pillaging the world; they need to take the game to a new level and finish the creation of the New World Order.

The international bankers are not the only enemies hard at work to destroy us but foreign bankers do work hand in hand with those that would like to see the US turn into a communist regime.

Part of their game plan is Agenda 21 or “Sustainable Development” and the disarmament of the United States by various nefarious and un-constitutional moves by both our government and the so called “UN small arms treaty” that Hillary Clinton is so busy working on. The newest installment of this game plan is Obama’s last sponsored illegal action to stop American citizens from carrying firearms on all federal and all public lands.

If you really want a good scare just take a good look at the Agenda 21 plan and the map that highlights all areas that the New World Government would restrict any trespass and where they intend for the surviving population (slaves) to reside.

These smart bastards have been insidiously working for decades stripping away America’s wealth while undermining our freedoms and we have watched as our so called elected servants allowed them to do it while lining their own pockets as well.

You can bet your bottom dollar, providing that you still have one, that these crooks will go to any length to stop the demise of our country and will try to assassinate any candidate, should they somehow manage to make it through the media gauntlet that has been set up to thwart any candidate from running unless they are a part of the Game plan, i.e. “The Washington Mafia” or better known as the international bankers or the wizard behind the curtain.

Should we be so foolish to listen to the (bought and paid for media) and believe that Ron Paul or some other non “Washington Mafia’ candidate can’t win, we will in fact fall right into the hands and the propaganda of our enemies and we will sink for certain.

The media has done a dynamite job of smearing all candidates and making them look weak or foolish that would other wise buck the establishment, and they should be good giving the amount of money that George Soros and other foreign moguls have poured into the effort.

Ron Paul deserves a far better chance of demonstrating his convictions and his abilities to turn this nation around than the idiotic and out of context dribble that the media has wickedly portrayed him as.

When you actually get a chance to observe Ron Paul in the genuine light of day, he comes of far different and far more coherent and as a true patriot than what media has worked so hard to make him look like. The fact is the enemy is terrified of Ron Paul and the fact that Ron could reignite patriotism and the desire for freedom again and stop the carefully orchestrated efforts to destroy our country and freedoms.

No other candidate can say that they have always worked within the principles of the constitution and stood behind it like Paul has. Congressman Ron Paul has for all of his years in office fought to protect and uphold the constitution and has always abided by it as well. All of the elected officials swear on the bible to do so but only Ron Paul has.

With the country so close to crumbling under the feet of Obama and his communist cronies all the while being backed by the international banksters, we can not afford to elect someone simply on the grounds that the bought off media tells us that he has the best chance of beating Obama. We would be just as well off to reelect Obama.

If we should be duped into electing the wrong candidate and later discover that they are just another typical and corrupt politician,(Rhino) it will be too late to save America except for taking up arms in revolt and taking the country back by force. If that happens who knows what might surface as our leader.

For a good example of how they stacked the deck against Ron Paul check out the video

So it seems that we are at the tipping point. If we continue further, we will tip over and we will become just another chapter in American history past period. So it would seem highly imperative to do something now, immediately to start informing those that are still not aware that the end is not only near but in fact is here.

Primary season is upon us and folks are still nodding off when ever they hear about who the front runners are and how they may have, although not a shred of evidence in sight, made a pass at some woman who was trying to woo a job out of him.

If you are like I am, concerned for your safety and freedom, please pass this info on to everyone you know and any other information that you may find helpful to the cause and do it quickly as time is now of the essence and is wasting away fast.

If you do not believe that there is any thing to be concerned about, go back to the NFL.

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