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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Swinging Pendulum

The Swinging Pendulum

I hardly think that any one was surprised by the results of the election on Nov. 2nd 2010.

However grateful that I am that we the people have sent a strong message to government that we are not happy with Obama’s so called healthcare bill, the expanding role of government, the looming collapse of the dollar and the depression that we are all experiencing are still sitting on a very dangerous precipice and if we are not extremely careful, we could slip and lose it all yet. Celebrate but keep your guard up.

If this election should turn out to be just another bell ringing swing of the pendulum and congress goes on about business as it always has in the past, then it will swing back again, like it always does and Obama or Clinton will get re-elected along with democrat re-control of the house and it could then very well seal our doom once and for all.

What I mean by that is this; should the so called health care bill ever become implemented it will not only ruin the best health care system that the world has ever known, although it certainly could be improved and that is another story, it will be the instrument that the progressive’s have been seeking and dreaming of for decades in order to take over our government and trash our constitution once and for all. If you don’t believe me, simply ask anyone who is not a progressive and has actually read the bill.

It doesn’t take a 2500 page bill to improve health care but the 2500 page bill does allow the complete take over of the people by a runaway administration that has no desire to listen to the people. Can anyone say Obummercare?

What I mean by Obama or Clinton re-election is the upcoming drama of “The White House Scandal” coming soon to a theatre near you.

Knowing that the country may not support Obama for a second term, the democrats will most certainly try to find a way get Hillary Clinton, who is not seen yet as being as far left as the “The Chosen One”, as a more moderate candidate to run against the GOP candidate.

If you check out the tabloids you will see that this process has begun as they proclaim the brewing war between the two top progressives and when the time is right, you will see the scandal and the swift move by Clinton to save the day.

However, if the tea party can keep up the heat and hold those that it helped get elected and perhaps even some other members of congress’s feet to the fire, we may actually start to regain our freedom again after the next election in 2012.

It will be a very long and hard two years and we will have to work hard in order to prevent apathy from setting in and slowing down the process of educating Americans as to what America was, is (kinda) and could be again. Careful, there are Zombies out there, but that is another story.

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