The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fairness Doctrines or simply an assault on your freedom of speech.

Fairness Doctrines or simply an assault on your freedom of speech.

Whenever I hear the words today that include fairness or some other pet words, so often used by the media or the left, I immediately start thinking of other doctrines, mandates or action calls that will mention children, animals, the environment or the elderly.

After all, no one would ever vote against something that was going to somehow prevent some disaster or starvation from happening to any child or homeless cat, would they?

Today we hear the constant cries from the left about the unfairness of the internet or the unfairness of talk radio or the unfairness of cable TV news. For some reason, the left must have a harder time getting comrades to tune in their radios to Uncle Al the voice of unreason and global sharing.

Tell you what, I’ll think about sharing my Twinkies with the folks in China or Malaysia when George Soros starts sharing his wealth with me.

I guess that if you cannot compete in these areas it is best, for everyone, to shut them down, in the name of fairness, and that is just what the progressives are trying to do at this very moment, shut down the last vestiges of free speech. After all, listening to folks talking about such things as freedom, the run away economy and government corruption can be harmful to the “collective wellness of the country”.

The, so called, “Main stream media” along with most of the entertainment world is now either owned or controlled by George Soros and is the soap box of the left extremist progressives. The progressives have had their say for many years without any rebuttals because of the left’s total over all control of the media.

Where the progressives or leftist have problems is when they don’t have control over content like they do with the bought and paid for Mainstream Media. Therefore they cannot compete, in a world of reason, and in turn they try to convince the sleeping public that we need a “fairness doctrine” in order keep the evil spouting conservatives from trying to inform folks that their freedoms and personal belongings are being hijacked.

At the risk of being viewed as cynical, I leave you with a few more terminologies that should be viewed as antonyms of what the real bill of goods is.

Transparency Act, Food Safety Act, Police and Firefighters Bargaining Bill, Homeland Security Act, Health Care Act, and about 10 million more bad freedom and wealth robbing travesties imposed on an unsuspecting populace.

Now take those and see what they can become, SBA, AMA, FDA, IRS, FCC, BLM and about 10 thousand or so more. No I didn’t count them, can you?

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