The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Lame Duck Revenge

To my friends, colleges and the members of Congress,

There are several bills pending the lame duck session in congress and it is going to get ugly and yes we are all going to regret what the lame duck and unaccountable congress is trying to do to us now. The one now under consideration is the Food bill S 510 and this bill will place the intrusive and ignorant government on every farm and food processing plant in America. Oh in the case of the small farmer, they will give them a little break but provide training to ensure that we are all protected from harm. Can anyone spell collectivism farming? Prepare to starve my comrades. I can remember when food was good and that was before government got involved in it.

Coming up is the government’s takeover of millions of acres of land that holds the world’s largest oil supply. These lands will be converted into parks such as the grasslands park in the Balken oil fields of Montana and North Dakota. Is there a reason that those in power want to keep sending money to our enemies? Perhaps we need to look no further than the ballot box and ask ourselves how many votes can you count on from the Muslim world.

SEIU (read that Government) takeover of the nations police and firefighters via the "Card Check bill". And the eventual and complete takeover of the work force of America. This bill will remove the secret ballot process in the nations unions. We can start calling the Democrats the Labor party after this bill is passed.

The so called "Disclosure Act" that appears to be good on the surface but is exactly contrary to what one would think a good bill should be. Instead of forcing everyone to reveal their campaign funding sources, it will only force such organizations such as the Tea Party to disclose their sources and exclude the incumbents and allow them to hide their funding sources. Blatant is the word here, just how dumb do these guys think we all are? Perhaps they do know better than we do at just how complacent we are.

And of course not the last one but a very important one is the myriad of ways that these guys are currently trying to gain control of our fire arms. If or when our guns are gone, there will no longer be a need for congress, we will just stand by and watch the anointment and the coronation of the one in office. Just think how streamlined our government will be then.

I don't know how you think about politicians; either they are stupid beyond description or sinister traitors needing an appropriate punishment. Perhaps they are a little of both. Either way that you look at it, they are destroying America and our way of life and we need to keep on their backs and never let up until we get folks in office that will; abide by, uphold and protect our constitution. Period.

Keep your powder dry, Lyle

PS please pass this along and send your version to Congress as well. Here is an easy link to send it to all of your congressmen.

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