The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Monday, November 1, 2010

The pendulum swings

Great video, I hope that this video gets around to everyone over the next couple of years and to enough folks before Nov. 2nd to make a big impact this election. Thanks to those who produced it.

I was sickened by the prospect that not enough people would wake up in time to stop the mad man in the Oval office this fall and it actually has affected my health.

This past couple of weeks has given me some renewed hope as I watch the various races come together and observe the frantic antics of the far left. It also gives me a good feeling to see so many folks like myself reading and posting to the many newsletters and bloggers who voice their concerns. I will feel much better after the election however when we have unseated the house and senate.

My greatest concern lies in the fact that this shift back to the right might turn out to be just another shift of the pendulum and the pendulum always swings back because the party in power always forgets why they were elected and they will go about the business of politics as usual.

Funny thing though is that these pendulum swings usually seem to leave those like Pelosi and Reid in office and they are the most damaging of the bunch.

The hard part will be keeping every one who is, at the present, mad as hell with the present situation fired up over the next two years in order to finish the job the next election.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the Obama crew will be using every nefarious tactic in there tool box to discredit the republicans and tea party supported folks and reverse congress back again in order to keep the bad guys in power. Let’s hope that the newly elected can keep their noses clean so as to not trigger another pendulum swing and ruin our chances of resurrecting the country.

What you can expect to see over the next two years is a feigned fight between Obama and Clinton. It has already been suggested by the tabloids. This will be necessary in order to groom Hillary as a more moderate choice so that the left will have enough confidence in electing yet another communist leaning president to office. You may also see a contrived scandal in the white house so that the left can use the window of opportunity to shift gears and get Hillary on board.

I would also advise the use of caution when choosing the proper candidate for the opposing party such as the Republican Party and here is why.

Obama may be bright, although completely incompetent as a president, but he alone could not have even begun to have pulled off the slick attempted coup as he has tried without a lot of help. This attempt was very well funded, orchestrated and well planned over a period of time. The questions are who the hell are they and could they have enough power to influence the republicans?

The answer has to be, some very sinister and well funded folks, domestic and/or foreign, who can not stand the fact that people are free somewhere in the world and yes the republicans can be bought off as well as a democrat. The fact that the right, nor anyone for that matter, has not blown the whistle on these guys is very concerning to me.

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