The Second Declaration of Indepencence

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Freedom and abortion

To those who would like to make abortion an issue.

Your concerns are very valid and heart felt, however it is not an easy problem to solve and while it does detract from the very important issues at hand today it is something to be concerned about.

However today we must all unite in order to protect the most precious thing that we have, or least wise, did have; our freedom.

Today many politicians use the abortion and other issues, as a smoke and mirror scheme, in order to cloud and sidestep important issues that they wish to ignore. It is the perfect cover to keep the people occupied and distracted while they are busy robbing us of our freedoms and our hard earned properties.

I think that your issues are a valid one, but it is seriously hampering our efforts at uniting the people in order to route these sinister rascals out of office.

What I am trying to say is that your issues about abortion is dividing our country and seriously hampering the people’s efforts and ability to regain their freedom.

Please let us unite as a nation of free people and secure our freedoms, our borders and our constitution first, and then we can go about the business of just how we will conduct our lives.

If we don’t unite and we continue to divide ourselves over issues that have defied a solution for many generations, if not for eons, in a diverse culture, we will all lose our freedoms to have any control over such issues, or any issue for that matter, and the government will dictate all of your issues for you, like it or not.

Yes the abortion issue is important and so were the concentration camps in Germany. Keep your priorities straight.


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