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Friday, September 17, 2010

Tea Party and our perspectives on politics

The Tea Party, if nothing else, has changed or at least keenly sharpened our perspectives on politics and highlighted the ugly and repulsive fact that politicians are politicians and that interprets mainly into thieves and charlatans are thieves and charlatans no matter what the uniform or badge is that they wear.

However if it were not for Obama’s very prime example of what tyranny looks like all wrapped up in his pretty but conspicuously mendacious package, we would not have been spurred into this heightened degree of concern and flurry of Tea Party activity.

If both parties are equally greedy and as self serving as the other, then the only real difference is that one party is openly pushing socialism, as if they actually thought it to be a good thing, and the other is pretending to be conservative as they stealthily steel candy from babies.

It never ceases to amaze me at just how low long time incumbents will stoop to getting re-elected to office. While in office, they would rather allow the country to go to hell than to stop the insane shenanigans and power grabs going on under their noses as they go about business as usual, steeling our money and freedoms.

In the case of Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, she would rather take the chance of the Senate seat falling to the Democrats, who are willing to toss out our freedom, in exchange for non-existent handouts, than to bow out to Joe Miller, who defeated her in the primaries.

Her decision to change parties and run as a write in truly shows that she is in the game solely for herself and country be damned. The only thing that she could hope to accomplish would be to lose the Senate seat to the Dems. Let’s hope that enough Alaskan’s see through her self serving shenanigans and elect someone who will go to Washington and help clean house.

I won’t say that all politicians are bad because there are a few like Ron Paul who have been leading the charge against government abuse and corruption of the Fed but Republicans do not take a back seat to Democrats when it comes to greed, graft or corruption.

There may actually be a few Democrats that do support freedom and the Constitution but most know that it would be political suicide to do it openly and yet there are many Republicans who openly claim to support the Constitution and the Tea Party because it is expedient for them.

A lot of folks still don’t get it when it comes to the Tea Party and this is where many Republicans go wrong in their thinking. The Tea Party aligns itself more to the Republicans only because of the conservative bend but the whole idea of the Tea Party is to try and save the country and preserve our freedom from all who would destroy it, irregardless of party ties.

Yes indeed, America is under a direct and deliberate attack from within. It has been for sometime but the present administration is trying to finalize the outcome with a frenetic haste. The government is at war with its own population because it has fallen into control by those that hate every thing that America stands for. They have gained this control by lies and deceit and they will stop at nothing to gain complete control over America.

It makes no difference whether the (liberals, socialist, progressive or what ever else you choose to call them) fundamentally changes our country to Marxism or whether the Republicans (who claim to be conservatives) destroy the country in some other similar or different fashion. Frankly I think that progressivism exists in both political camps and uses subtle differences to keep us looking at the wrong issues.

It is very difficult for us to believe that so many politicians could, with few exceptions, be so oblivious to what they are doing. One could only think that greed is so overall powering that it clouds the thinking of men and corrupts completely to such an extent that they no longer care to know that what they do is treasonous and destructive to their very own country and countrymen. Greed is greed and wrong is wrong no matter what the flag is that they are carrying.

There is undoubtedly a great ground swell brewing and it has had some very interesting effects on unseating incumbents already and we are still in the primaries.

It has ruffled many feathers in the Republican ranks and they are not happy about losing their seats at the money trough. Some have even complained that it will hurt the chances of regaining enough seats in Congress to overcome the Democratic stronghold, as if they really care. To this I say that they have not gotten the point yet and if you are a member of Congress and you can not see the point as well as the average outraged American, it is high time to be unseated and to lose your stanchion at the slop trough.

It is time for Americans to put aside their differences and to refuse to let the status quo incumbents and treasonous power robbers divide them. Usually the first battle plan is to divide the enemy camp and then conquer, don’t let that happen to you.

It is time to stop letting the non issues and the unsolvable issues, like abortion to divide and distract you and to influence and waste your vote, these are mostly smoke and mirrors and are used mainly to prevent you from discovering what is really going on behind closed doors in Congress.

It is time to put your religion aside and to start thinking with logic. Yes we may still have the right to worship as we choose but who cares if our forefathers were religious or not, they made it very plain and clear that we should separate church from state.

It is time to stop listening to the racial nonsense, that divides us and time to start thinking again like Americans. If race was still an issue in America, we would not have Obama in the White House now.

It is time for us to go to the polls this fall and to vote for America, not for some party line and to replace all those politicians who have turned their backs on the people in order to stuff their pockets.

It is time to wake up your neighbors, friends and any others who are not yet awake and let them know that this fall is their chance to become a part of history and our last peaceful chance to retake back America. This fall will be historical, let us hope that it is positive for freedom.

Yes the Tea Party has come a long way in a very short time and this is good testament to the fact that America is awakening but it would be a very poor and dangerous time to sit back on your laurels and rest because the enemy has smelled blood, has been rebuked and they are desperate to finish the job of destroying America and replacing it with Marxism.

It has been said, that there is a possibility that only 35% of the voters will turnout for the next election, and if that is the case Glenn Beck says, we (as a society) deserve what we get. I can’t help but agree with him, so please don’t just go out and vote for me or the Tea Party, get out there and do it for your self. Vote for freedom.

I want to leave you with just one last thought, this country has been through a lot and we have not always treated everyone with the respect that they have deserved, however the way that the progressives are trying to rewrite history is downright repulsive and incorrect. As a whole this country as an experiment in freedom has proven, beyond any doubt that freedom and capitalism is by far the best and only way for America to go.

It has also shown us that as individuals who want to remain free, it is up to each and everyone to safeguard and cherish that very freedom dearly.

Capitalism does work, what does not work well is when the people allow the government to meddle with the free market.

What does not work is when the people allows the government a free hand to climb in bed with corporate concerns and use the system to unfairly hamper competition.

It is up to us to make sure that our elected and appointed officials own up to their sworn oath to abide by, uphold and protect the Constitution of the United State of America.

It is also up to the individual as the people, to nullify, disband or tear down a government that has become unresponsive to the people’s wishes and to form a new government in its place.

Go vote this fall, damn it, it is going to be much easier that way.

But just in case that enough folks don’t vote, keep your powder dry and your gold well hidden.

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